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of or relating to acculturation

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There is a curvilinear relationship between acculturation and depression, where depressive symptoms are high at both acculturative extremes and low among those with medium acculturation levels.
Self-concealment, social self-efficacy, acculturative stress, and depression in African, Asian, and Latin American international college students.
Intercultural competence has been studied as a predictor of acculturative stress and mental health symptoms (Torres & Rollock, 2004; Yeh, 2003) and as an outcome variable in relation to age (Sodowsky & Lai, 1997; Huang, 1997), yet there is a lack of understanding of how immigrant adolescents' strategies for acculturation predict their self-efficacy in various sociocultural domains such as relations with people from one's own group and those from the dominant group, ability to make decisions and perform academically, maintaining cultural pride, and feeling accepted by the dominant culture.
Further, engagement in extracurricular activities enhances international students' adjustment and results in a lower level of acculturative stress (Toyokawa & Toyokawa, 2002; Yeh & Isone, 2003).
beliefs about cancer, familism/social support, and acculturative and psychosocial stress, such as competing life priorities) should be acknowledged in providing a level of culturally sensitive and, to the extent possible, culturally competent care.
Acculturative stress of Hispanics: Loss and challenge.
However, in the face of specific stressors, including acculturative stress and institutional racism, Mexican immigrant families and communities continue to struggle to help their children achieve academic success.
How ethnic identification attitudes and acculturative stress interact to predict suicide and eating disorder symptomatology in individuals of African Descent.
While the dual nature of the Inuit food system is important in creating diversity in food supply, the isolation of Inuit settlements, high rates of unemployment, and acculturative stresses, have created significant food insecurity and Inuit women are believed to be particularly vulnerable.
International students reported English fluency, social support satisfaction, and social connectedness as predictors of acculturative stress.
But because the ecosystems perspective is descriptive and not prescriptive regarding practice (Wakefield, 1996), it needs to be properly infused with Latino-relevant social science theories and research for understanding problem patterns that disproportionately affect this population (for example, acculturative stress, poverty, health disparities).
As depicted on the left side of the cylinder, the acculturative growth process proceeds in an upward direction.
Socio-psychological predictors of acculturative stress among Latino adults, journal of Mental Health Counseling, 22, 306-317.
In this study we examined a mediator of acculturative stress among African American students in CACREP-accredited programs counselor education training programs.