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Synonyms for acculturation

all the knowledge and values shared by a society

the process of assimilating new ideas into an existing cognitive structure


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The current study tests several hypotheses with the goal of explaining how perceived Islamophobia affects identity formation as well as acculturation attitudes among a sample of Turkish Canadians.
Growing anti-Muslim sentiment after 9/11 had significant consequences for the acculturation of Muslims in Western societies, including Canada.
For example, Crockett and Hays (2011) suggested that research was needed to examine how international college students' acculturation level and career goals affect their use of career counseling and related services.
Acculturation and College Student Career Development
The long-term process of acculturation has been documented as enduring across generations, as families and social groups pass on their cultural thumbprint to the following generations (Miller, 2010; Valentine, 2001).
The primary objective of the present study is to examine the preferred acculturation strategies (assimilation, integration, marginalization, and/or separation) of one particular minority group: Asian-Americans.
Research on inter-cultural contact has discovered that "there are relationships between how individuals acculturate and how well they adapt." (6) Stress is experienced during the acculturation process, and there are variations in psychological and sociocultural adaptation.
Acculturation. The Suinn-Lew Asian Self Identity Acculturation (SL-ASIA) Scale in English [26] was used to measure acculturation in Asian Americans.
How prominently does culture and acculturation feature in studies of Puerto Rican health disparities?
as the United States' government wanted to stimulate acculturation for the Hmong community (Miyares, 1998).
Parents' decision to have their children study abroad at an early age leads to the unique experience of living in a foreign country, thereby shaping the identity of students and ultimately affecting their adult lives, especially in regard to acculturation when separated from their family (Baker, Soto, Perez, & Lee, 2012; Hwang, Wood, & Fujimoto, 2010).
This study seeks to expand our understanding of students' adaptation processes and provide tangible recommendations for success given that acculturation level is directly related to students' academic development (Cheng & Fox, 2008) and their satisfaction with their educational experience (Wadsworth, Hecht, & Jung, 2008).