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Synonyms for acculturation

all the knowledge and values shared by a society

the process of assimilating new ideas into an existing cognitive structure


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6) Stress is experienced during the acculturation process, and there are variations in psychological and sociocultural adaptation.
As we seek to adapt through acculturation, our ultimate goal is to find physical and psychological well-being and sociocultural balance when managing daily activity within this new reality.
In terms of barriers to HPV uptake for Latino adolescents, along with the lack of recommendations by physicians, lower levels of acculturation have been established as another major obstacle (Gerend et al.
Specifically, we focus on Latinas as an interesting case study to examine the link between level of acculturation and persuasion, underscoring normative influence as an important outcome in the process of narrative persuasion for less acculturated individuals.
This study examined the association between acculturation and cardiovascular risk factors among Chinese immigrants in Australia, where they are the third largest foreign-born group.
How prominently does culture and acculturation feature in studies of Puerto Rican health disparities?
Ethnic identity and acculturation are considered to be among the protective psychological and behavioral factors that facilitate resistance to career barriers among people of color, including Latinas/os (Arbona, 1995).
According to Berry (2005), acculturation results in changes to social structures, institutions, and cultural practices at the group level, but at the individual level it involves changes in a person's behavioral repertoire.
By surveying students' frequencies of three forms of host communication (face-to-face communication, social media communication and other online communication) and examining their daily communication logs, the current study aims to better understand (a) students' adaptation experience using new media versus face-to-face communication, and (b) the relationship between new media usage, face-to-face communication and acculturation level.
This study utilized acculturation as an indicator of cultural adaptation as it focused on changes resulting from immigration into a different cultural context.
Leung (11) conducted a sophisticated analysis of smoking and acculturation in the US, which included data for individuals from 66 countries of origin.
Acculturation is the "phenomenon which results when groups of individuals having different cultures come into continuous first-hand contact," with subsequent changes primarily in the cultural patterns of one group (Berry, 1997, p.
The concept of differential acculturation processes within the family may be a fruitful way to address this issue.