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Synonyms for acculturation

all the knowledge and values shared by a society

the process of assimilating new ideas into an existing cognitive structure


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Individuals must overcome participation barriers in order to reap the benefits which, the researchers theorized, could affect the individual's acculturation process.
Acculturation is a change in the culture of a group or change in the psychology of individuals who continuously interact with dominant cultures or other cultures (Redfield, Linton, & Herskovits, 1936; Berry, 1997; Ryder, Alden, & Paulhus, 2000).
However, if these coping-styles do not fit the demands in the acculturation context, migrants need to modify them, or to acquire new styles.
Based on the CAPES data, although acculturation was not found to be a significant predictor of depression or somatization, depression was connected to lack of cultural and family support (Hwang & Myers, 2007; Mak & Zane, 2004).
Age and acculturation were included in the regression equation as covariates.
Acculturation Processes in Hmong in Eastern Wisconsin.
The term acculturation is used to describe the process of adaptation or even assimilation of an individual with different ethnic background, who come into prolonged and firsthand contact with another culture (Berry, 1989; Dana, 1996; Redfield, Linton, & Herskovits, 1939).
According to them, this will only be possible "if one could isolate a particular society from the rest of the world, but in practice many instances can be found of social change provoked by encounters between cultures" which led anthropologists interested in the study of culture contact to develop the concepts of acculturation and diffusion.
The acculturation of Iranians in the United States.
Keywords: father involvement, immigrants, Chinese-origin, Mexican-origin, acculturation
In Handbook of Mental Health and Acculturation in Asian American Families, distinguished researchers and clinicians discuss the process of acculturation for individuals and their families, addressing the mental health needs of Asian Americans and examining the acculturative process, its common stressors, and characteristics associated with resiliency.
While acculturation, parenting style, and family income were significant predictors for the Korean sample, parent education and length of stay in the United States were significant predictors for the Mexican sample.
Acculturation of women immigrants to the United States and socioeconomic status are two of the factors that might account for these differences, said Dr.
The acculturation of women immigrants to the United States, as well as their socioeconomic status, are two factors that might account for these differences, said Dr.
WASHINGTON -- Applications are now being accepted from Air Force civilian interns and Student Career Employment Program (SCEP) graduates for the Civilian Acculturation and Leadership Training (CALT) program.