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Synonyms for acculturate

to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

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assimilate culturally

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Drawing on the work of Eric Lott, Fowler contrasts blackface minstrelsy's "perverse, polarizing formulation of the father figure's acculturating role" with Griffith's assumption of a black identity as he documents it in Black Like Me (1959), arguing that the latter is "both a white racist appropriation of blackness and a productive sharing of racial identities" (112).
This award recognizes individuals or groups who develop and enhance another's intellectual and technical skills, acculturating them to the professional nursing community, and modeling a way of life and professional achievement.
Overall, the authors believe podcasting has tremendous potential to assist in acculturating distance learners and aiding them in moving towards complete social and academic integration into institutional life, despite the presence of physical separation.
Not all of the students felt they were acculturating or wanting to do so.
But particularly for supermarkets, it's crucial to consider this a moving target; as marketers try to segment their appeal, the ethnic groups in their sights are simultaneously acculturating, moving inevitably toward the mainstream.
In the United States, Hispanic teenage pregnancy prevention programs are almost by definition invested in acculturating their clients to the values of individual economic self-sufficiency and gender equality.
With the advent of World War I and the growth of Zionism's popularity among acculturating American Jews, Schiff had to show great political flexibility if he hoped to maintain his position and authority.