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Synonyms for acculturate

to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

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assimilate culturally

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The four chapters in Part Two focus on mass immigration and efforts by acculturated Jews to transform Eastern European Jews into manly citizens, mainly in the West.
Specifically, we focus on Latinas as an interesting case study to examine the link between level of acculturation and persuasion, underscoring normative influence as an important outcome in the process of narrative persuasion for less acculturated individuals.
They are "acculturated" in that they seek to reach out to the broader society and provide services that people of all beliefs value: education, health care, social services of all kinds, from homeless shelters to adoption to job training.
LANGUAGE OF ADVERTISING MOST PERSUASIVE TO TRY SOMETHING FIREARMS OR SHOOTING RELATED English Either Language Spanish Equally Total 61% 29% 10% Highly Acculturated 93% 5% 2% More Acculturated 61% 33% 6% Bi-Cultural 55% 31% 15% Less-Acculturated 55% 27% 27% Un-Acculturated 55% 29 29 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Acculturated Hispanics have a median income of $62,000, are familiar with American culture and language, and tend to be more optimistic about the future.
It is particularly strong among acculturated Cubans, who tend to be higher income.
Instead, they were acculturated into the scientific method and its moral virtues.
The key for advisors serving Hispanic plan participants, the report stated, is to help them become "acculturated." The report broke the Hispanic market into three segments:
Add in explorations of indigenous cultures and various insights on Hawaiian perceptions from different angles ("I began to think that I could see beneath the Western portrait of the generic Hawaiian: the Hawai'i Visitors' Bureau Hawaiian (lazy, affable dweller in Eden); the anthropological Hawaiian (poetic but primitive worshipper of dark gods of human sacrifice); the sociological Hawaiian (poorly acculturated).") and you have an outstanding multi-faceted survey.
The commercials also feature her acculturated granddaughter who comments about her grandmother's fabric whitening not-so-modern regimen that, up until a week ago included traditional home remedies such as chlorine bleach, salt, milk and lemon.
While his family supported his decision to change his diet and lifestyle, they were unwilling to fully participate, having grown accustomed and acculturated to the processed foods readily available at local grocery stores.
On the other hand, an integration strategy reflects individuals who are highly acculturated to both cultures.
The third category consists of narratives in which more or less acculturated Jewish American parents are confronted with the haredization of their children.
As the first comprehensive site of its kind, is aimed at English-dominant, acculturated Latina moms (those born and raised in the U.S.) and will create a community by connecting a new generation of Latinas with one another.