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to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

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assimilate culturally

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The fourth cluster, Type IV (21%), was comprised of individuals who were more acculturated but identified less with others of Mexican descent.
Operator concepts will increasingly cater to 53% of acculturated Hispanics who say that the reputation of a restaurant is key to their dining decision.
In less acculturated households, the female head of household is likely to be a stay-at-home mother with less interest in convenience foods, and who perceives these products as a bad reflection on her role as a wife and mother.
Upstarts and Upbringing - Made up of some of the younger Hispanic households, this is the most acculturated of all groups.
Always important to the slave trade routes because of their easy access from the ocean as well as their proximity to rivers traveling inland, they also became the place where the least acculturated Africans remained.
How are the attitudes and behaviors of less acculturated mothers similar to or distinct from those who are more acculturated?
Interestingly, this is even more pronounced among less acculturated Hispanics, who view high-end brands as status symbols.
People are still hush-hush with AIDS, even if they are acculturated,'' she said.
I think people who are more acculturated have less trouble,'' she says.
The finding suggests that marketers should strive to communicate bilingually with acculturated Hispanics, so as to more closely match their offline lives.
For example, while acculturated Hispanics share many behaviors with the general population (as would be expected), unacculturated Latinos put a much greater focus on family, and approach meal preparation, and cooking from scratch in particular, as a way to show affection to their families.
When compared to both Acculturated Hispanic Boomers and General Market Boomers, Bicultural Hispanic Boomers are the most likely to be experiencing confusion around health-related issues and to turn to alternative health practitioners and advertisements as valued health-related information sources.
Another 24% are partially unacculturated, 14% are bicultural, 12% are partially acculturated and 6% acculturated.
Acculturated Boomers are the most likely to be a caregiver for a family member, with 14% recently taking on this role.
2010) reported that compared with Anglo-American women, less acculturated Latinas were unlikely to be aware of HPV and the HPV vaccine.