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to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

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assimilate culturally

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Chica debuted earlier this year in PEOPLE en Espanol's June issue, as a response to the brand's key insights on the Hispanic market, and specifically on trends related to acculturated Latinas, who are reshaping their roles and shedding traditional standards.
The fastest growing demographic online, 82 percent of acculturated Latina moms are English-language dominant and web savvy, far over-indexing their general market counterparts in every form of social media (e.
It examined whether Latino predominance and the mix of more and less acculturated students in schools enhanced drug prevention program outcomes among Latino students.
Fader's information on more insular and acculturated women comes second-hand, from her "moderate" respondents.
Further research is needed to establish whether certain diagnostic criteria might need to be excluded for immigrants and less acculturated Latinos such as being afraid of gaining weight, body dissatisfaction, or recognition by an outsider of low weight as a negative outcome.
Like the term "bitchen" itself, Pell's notion of the feminine or feminist is never isolated or alienated but acculturated and subsequently customized.
Physicians and administrators are acculturated differently when it comes to the basis of their authority and a sense of time," Tucci said.
Highly acculturated Asian American females may adopt gender roles shaped by American values, which emphasize an egalitarian distribution of social status, power and sexual freedom.
So in the process of blending in and assimilating, (there) is that period between when you are a fresh immigrant and when you are an acculturated American.
In addition to differences by acculturated levels, the report defines four distinct Hispanic customer segments:
Providing service to one's new school community is a natural way to learn about its members, become acculturated, and be accepted as a member oneself:
Over the past twenty-eight years during my involvement with the HBCT, the convention has focused primarily on first-generation Hispanic Baptists but has also opened itself to bilingual and bicultural or acculturated Hispanics during various periods of its history.
Taking as her timeframe AD 600-1100 (since, she asserts, eunuchs were particularly prominent in this period), Ringrose sets out to show that Byzantine eunuchs constituted a third gender, that they were acculturated to the role of the 'perfect servant', and that attitudes to eunuchs changed over time as they were normalized in society.
Prevailing cultural patterns may be radically rejected by immigrant parents who have been acculturated in another society, but accepted by the children born and socialized in the new country and attending schools in the new country.