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to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

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assimilate culturally

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Nine participants described their motivation to acculturate based on the fear of negative consequences related to reservation life.
gt; What efforts are in place to acculturate new teachers?
I think anyone interested in ministering here should study theology here and take the time to acculturate themselves, to "become American" in thought and feeling in a sense.
lf a child is to live freely and creatively and acculturate to a new social environment, then the deeper part of the child must surface.
All three of these programs, combined with pro-homosexual themes in other shows and movies, contribute to the effort to acculturate, or accustom, the population at large to homosexuality.
Having them participate in such a program would further solidify their loyalty as they and their future generations acculturate.
If an international student seeks to acculturate to an American way of life and uses television scenes as a source of appropriate "American" affluence and thus consumption behavior, acquiring possessions may take a central role in attempts to assimilate.
Adherence to traditional sex roles may decrease as Hispanic women acculturate to a society with more permissive sexual attitudes and less rigid sex roles.
It looks at specific educational issues these teaching approaches responded to: what learning opportunities should be given to African American women in the post-slavery decades at Spelman College; how to acculturate the immigrant population of that time, through analysis of Jane AddamsAE leadership at Hull-House; and the role of white and Native cultural resources and teaching approaches in educating indigenous Americans, with discussion of the negative model of assimilationist Carlisle Indian Industrial School in relation to alternative Native teaching practices.
They will gain insight and tips on how to develop a strategic staffing mix, select the appropriate visa, navigate the process, and help expatriate workers to acculturate to a new business environment.