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Synonyms for accrue

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Synonyms for accrue

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

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Synonyms for accrue

grow by addition

Related Words

come into the possession of

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Under existing law, the suspension of interest does not apply to interest accruing after Oct.
Total outstandings not accruing interest improved for all entity types.
How often should the lender bring suit and covering what period or periods of accruing interest?
The exception to the benefits of the interest suspension rules for certain reportable and listed transactions was added by the AJCA and effective for interest accruing after Oct.
Thus, the U.S.-based charity can be said to distance the contributing corporation from the foreign use of the contribution, thereby attenuating the relationship between the charitable contribution deduction (and any goodwill accruing from it) and the corporation's foreign-source gross income.
If the company elects to defend itself, accruing $5 million is intuitively sound accounting.
The employer would set up two new plans--a C-qualified plan, under which C participants began accruing benefits, and a plan whose trustee resided in C but otherwise was qualified under Sec.
In the case of a taxpayer whose taxable income is computed under an accrual method of accounting, to the extent that the time for accruing taxes is earlier than it would be but for any action of any taxing jurisdiction...then...such taxes shall be treated as accruing at the time they would have accrued but for such action by such taxing jurisdiction....
While accounting literature can be interpreted to accommodate accruing currently for future environmental obligations, the survey reflected an unwillingness to accrue because
Interest accruing on a debt for any period is allocated in the same manner as the debt, regardless of when the interest is actually paid.
Since both the principal and interest of a TCD could be applied against outstanding liabilities, taxpayers would no longer have to watch non-deductible interest on taxes due and taxable interest credits on overpayments accruing simultaneously.
Employers with substantial plan assets and those that have been accruing postretirement benefit costs before the standard's adoption may show a transition asset at that date.
If the target has not addressed its customs compliance obligations effectively as part of its normal business operations, there might be potential liabilities in duty or customs penalties accruing and waiting for the unsuspecting acquirer.
* If used to satisfy a liability accruing after the date of purchase, interest would be paid, on application, up to the due date of the designated tax liability and would be deemed to be a payment of the designated tax on that date.