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Synonyms for accrue

Synonyms for accrue

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for accrue

grow by addition

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come into the possession of

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RMC further argued that the sale of the note by its 100% shareholder to the unrelated third party converted the accrued interest prior to 1994 into a new liability, thus permitting the taxpayer to accrue and deduct the entire amount in 1994.
If the taxpayer does not discover the mistake before filing its return for the year of sale (and accrues the incorrect amount), it has to file a refund claim (i.
In the case of the CFT, absent section 461(d), the 1972 change in the CFT law would have caused both the 1971 and the 1972 CFT to accrue for federal tax purposes in 1972.
This regulation, known as the "noncontingent bond method" allows an issuer to accrue an original issue discount (OID) deduction at a yield "comparable" to that of a fixed-rate instrument with similar terms and conditions, but without contingencies.
0 million which will initially accrue interest at 325 basis points over LIBOR and a five-year term loan for $50.
Instead, it accrues $15,000 in gross sales and includes that amount (less the corresponding cost of goods sold) in its 2002 gross income.
Reduction in Interest Rate: Interest accrues on the
Therefore, interest deductions are appropriate in the year in which the taxpayer accrues interest, rather than the year it pays the interest.
When the right to receive an amount becomes fixed, the right accrues (Regs.
As a convertible capital appreciation bond, interest accrues during the accretion period but is not paid to bondholders.
Interest accrues between the date on which the tax should have been paid and the date of actual payment.
ABC accrues $40,000 of compensation to its 100% shareholder-employee, to offset the net unrealized built-in gain from the accounts receivable.
The difference, P$17 million, is being restructured to mature in installments up to November 2008 and accrues interest at a contractual rate of LIBOR plus up to 5/8 percent.
Thus, for example, an accrual method payor normally cannot deduct an item that it accrues as a liability to a related cash method recipient until the item is paid, at which time the recipient must include it in income.