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Synonyms for accrued

periodically accumulated over time


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The average monthly nominal accrued salary in this area amounted to 3.05 million soums.
The PenCom official said that the pensioners' accrued rights for the 11 months were actually less than N70 billion.
Under the rule, a plan is permitted to explicitly bifurcate the accrued benefit so that the plan provides that the requirements of [sec] 1.417(e)--1(d) apply to a specified portion of a participant's accrued benefit as if that portion were the participant's entire accrued benefit.
The aggregate amount of the accumulated deferred dividends is USD21.483m, or USD11.68 per share, and consists of accumulated deferred dividends of USD17.808m, or USD9.68 per share, plus accrued dividends thereon of USD3.675m, or USD2.00 per share.
First Preferred Capital will pay all accumulated deferred dividends and accrued dividends thereon of USD21,482,973.76, or USD11.68 per share on its 8.15% cumulative trust preferred securities as per the Amended and Restated Trust Agreement of 1 April 2003.
On March 31, 2014, First Preferred Capital Trust IV will pay all accumulated deferred dividends, plus accrued dividends thereon, on its 8.15% Cumulative Trust Preferred Securities pursuant to the Amended and Resaid Trust Agreement, dated April 1, 2003.
The company said it will continue to use distance to calculate accrued miles on international flights.
When agreeing to any changes in hours of work, the accrued holiday entitlement should be taken into account.
Bulgarian government has approved Wednesday an amendment to Bulgaria's Labor Code according to which all accrued paid leaves must be used up by the end of 2011.
The fourth district held that the trial court erred in its treatment of John's accrued vacation and sick days and found that they were, instead, nonmarital accrued alternative wages.
Any partial payment of principal on a market discount bond acquired after October 22, 1986, is includable as ordinary income to the extent it does not exceed the market discount on the bond that has accrued up to that time.
Justin says: When you leave a job, you are entitled to be paid for any holiday entitlement that has been accrued, but not been taken.
Taxpayers may generally deduct interest paid or accrued within a tax year under Sec.
However, a participant's accrued benefits under a DB plan must be fully vested after three years of service.
To deduct an accrued expense, an accrual-basis taxpayer must satisfy an all-events test.