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Synonyms for accrue

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Synonyms for accrue

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

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Synonyms for accrue

grow by addition

Related Words

come into the possession of

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Under the election to include market discount in income as it accrues, market discount is accrued on a ratable basis, but the taxpayer may elect to use instead a constant interest rate with respect to particular bonds and notes.
* Whether interest related to troubled loans is income to the lender (the holder of a note) as it accrues. This item summarizes the current law related to interest accruals and further addresses the uncertainties and recent developments related to the tax law.
The Accrue G2 platform is currently being implemented at Lycos Europe's headquarters in Germany.
Leveraging the relationship with IBM, Accrue will implement marketing initiatives including Web seminars, executive briefings, and targeted marketing programs including the following:
"The Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program enables Accrue to continue to provide companies with Internet analytics expertise, but with the added benefit of access to `pre-qualified' complimentary technology and services companies," said Jonathan D.
Accrue has 12 regional sales people around the country, while MarketWave has most if its based in its Seattle headquarters, although it has recently opened offices in Los Angeles and London.
Allowing employees to accrue sick leave and offering monetary incentives to those who use little sick leave are strategies that work.
RMC further argued that the sale of the note by its 100% shareholder to the unrelated third party converted the accrued interest prior to 1994 into a new liability, thus permitting the taxpayer to accrue and deduct the entire amount in 1994.
Employees |select one: will; will not~ accrue other benefits while in an unpaid leave status, including seniority rights.
Seven percent already accrue or fund the liabilities:
Additional annual leave is the two weeks leave allowed to nurses who work a seven day a week rotating roster and accrue six weeks annual leave per year, or any additional leave accrued for working a certain amount of Sundays and public holidays.
The Ninth Circuit held that IRC section 535(b)(1) should be interpreted in accordance with the long-standing meaning of the word "accrual." Therefore, Metro's 1995 paid but contested tax liability did not accrue in the taxable year assessed.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-9 May 2001-New e-business analysis system released by Accrue Software (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
BV policies often contain such additional terms as time limitations (a BV can be accrued for only one year, five years, seven years, etc.); quantity limitations (an employee can accrue vacation time of only two weeks, 60 days, 90 days, etc.); and a provision that pays an employee for unused vacation time upon termination or retirement.