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the act of accumulating

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Out of the total accrual of Rs 121 billion, the MPCL deposited the amount of Rs50 billion.
Moreover, out of the total accrual of Rs11.8 billion, Pakistan Petroleum Company Limited (PPCL) deposited an amount of Rs8.4 billion and in this way, total GIDC outstanding with PPCL was Rs3.4 billion.
to reconcile the diverging explanations for accrual anomaly documented in prior research.
Some prior studies (Palmon, Sudit and Yezegel 2008 and Givoly, Hayn and Lourie 2016) show that the abnormal returns of accrual anomaly are not independent of firm size.
Firstly, we measure the accrual-based IPSAS level index in an intuitive manner based on hierarchical accrual adoption information from simple to complex identification statements.
This article is organized as follows: first, it presents the theoretical framework of accrual accounting adoption and hypothesis development regarding its association with fiscal transparency.
24 of 2005 concerning Government Accounting Standards or" Standar Akuntansi Pemerintah" (SAP) as the basis for the migration of the government's accounting system from a cash basis towards an accrual basis.
71 mandating the SAP as the basis for accrual accounting to improve the quality of government performance accountability to replace PP No.
Among the NPM provisions we find the introduction of the accrual accounting in the public sector at the expense of the cash accounting.
Champoux (2006) states that by using the accrual accounting only for the financial reports, they may not be taken seriously and risk becomes a purely technical exercise.
In such cases, the increase of the accruals is due to signaling the market and reduces the information asymmetries.