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Synonyms for accrue

Synonyms for accrue

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for accrue

grow by addition

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come into the possession of

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Master and Doctoral degree holders may lose their motivation to remain on the job if they are not satisfied with the breaks they are allowed to have, if they feel retirement benefits accruable to them are not sufficient, and if they lose their respect in the community because of students' poor performance.
In table 2, the respondents agreed that all the 15 possible benefits of mentoring were accruable to librarians in federal university libraries as the mean ratings were all markedly above 2.50 acceptance criterion.
A mean farm size of 1.23 hectares was cultivated by the respondents indicating pepper was produced by smallholders and this may influence the adoption of technology employed, the scale of production, output level as well as the revenue accruable to pepper farmers.
Despite the enormous benefits accruable from the application of ergonomics, there seems to be apathy towards ergonomics from industrially developing countries such as Nigeria, and it is totally ignored in most rural sectors due to the traditional belief that MSDs are an integral part of agricultural activities (O'Neill, 2005).
In the forefront of the benefits accruable from physical activity is the prevention and control of a host of medical disorders that may be potentially harmful to both the mother and the child.
This period however coincided with the period when revenues accruable to the State and Local Governments in the federation and disbursable from the Central Federal Authority began to witness an increasing decline or dip.
However, rarely investigated issues include the disincentive associated with the use of the technology in the economy such as displacement of labour and comparative accruable margin as well as masked benefits e.g.
The NNPC spokesperson maintained that crude theft and pipeline vandalism would continue to degrade the environment, increase operational costs, impact negatively on the image of the country and reduce revenue accruable to the nation.
Moscow, Russia, November 02, 2012 --( Thanks to the higher rates of interest accruable on cardholder accounts, Uniastrum's new products, Standard, Corporative, Trusted Partner, Exclusive, and Express, combine the functions of credit and interest-earning cards, allowing customers to save and accumulate money while also using the credited funds.
In our view, this is a poor corporate governance practice: since less than 100% of the subsidiary banks belong to the group, a certain share of profit is not accruable to the minority shareholders of VTB Group.
The incentives announced through the SEZ Bill, include exemption from custom duties and taxes for all capital goods imported into Pakistan for the development , operation and maintenance of SEZ; exemption from all taxes on income accruable for a period 10 years starting from the date of signing of the agreement will become effective for the investors.
Under the new programme mileage is accruable for reservations made through the official websites of accredited onsen operators, by phone, or through JAL's website, for check-ins from 1 June 2012.
Accrual-basis taxpayers cannot deduct normally accruable amounts resulting from transactions with cash-basis related parties until the year the related party includes the amount as income (Sec.
The government meant well for the nation and I believe that the money accruable from the subsidy removal will help in developing the country faster.
In most of these places, honey comb is therefore, thrown away after honey extraction, which often renders the areas prone to pest infestation and resultant effect of great financial cost in pest control and loss of income accruable from sales of wax.