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The proceeds from this sale will be reinvested accretively in its core business; owning, developing and managing the highest quality seniors housing, post-acute and outpatient medical real estate in the US, UK and Canada.
Yet this process was, in effect, merely the blind leading the blind, or lemmings charging toward the sea, as the conscientious, precedent-minded later judges by their diligent actions only helped, gradually and accretively, to increase the supposed legitimacy and hide the unsound origins of the erroneous precedent they were following.
Further, the standard itself will develop accretively as the Service and the courts address partnership allocations subject to the modified substantial economic effect safe harbor.
"We are excited to continue to execute on a major component of our strategy which is to accretively deploy capital through local media business acquisitions."
"GlobalPOPs' national footprint further enhances our value proposition to both existing and potential DONOBi customers and ultimately will enable us to more quickly and accretively integrate future acquisitions."
Such is Melville's cynical estimation of our ability to talk truthfully with anyone." This is not the accretively contradictory, though still quite undeterred moral exposition of Uncle Tom's Cabin, but the voice of "a despairing, skeptical Melville" whose "mistrust of representation" is so thorough and exacting that he finds no refuge whatever from the bloody calamities he predicts within the range of the communicable.
What emerges is a thick description that accretively enriches readers' appreciation of the diverse and varying aural ecologies that make up early modern England.
More importantly, from a pragmatic point of view, the border points approach would achieve these goals in a typically judicial way: allowing constitutional principles to emerge incrementally and accretively.(74) Every policy that a court struck down would require identification of some [Gen.sub.B1] or [Gen.sub.B2] and would mark one more concrete point along the border between two categories of constitutional importance or relatedness.