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The term 'sclerochronochemistry' (skleros--hard, chronos--time, and chemistry) is proposed here for complex twin studies of the bivalve shell (and accretionary hard tissues of some other organisms, e.g., shells of gastropods, corals, fish otoliths): (1) characterization of growth history (i.e., sclerochronology s.s.), (2) identification and quantification of any impurities (i.e., organic, heavy metals, radionuclides, etc.) or isotopes (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen) in accordance with established successional growth patterns (Fig.
The Neogene subduction of Arabian Plate set up complex structural geometries like arc trench features, rotation of central Iran Block (Lutvs Afghan) and the development of an accretionary wedge.
The Apennine chain is characterized by two main components: (i) the Apennine accretionary wedge and (ii) the buried Apulian Platform Inversion Belt (APIB) [34, 38].
Subsequent Acadian tectonism and magmatism in southwestern New Brunswick is attributable to accretionary events associated with closure of the Acadian Seaway by northwest-directed subduction beneath the Kingston arc-Mascarene backarc system and its St.
The basement of the basin appears to be accretionary oceanic rocks and island arcs that were stabilized as late as the Carboniferous to the Early Permian [14, 16].
Neoproterozoic accretionary tectonics along the northwestern margin of the Yangtze Block, China: constraints from zircon U--Pb geochronology and geochemistry.
In larger specimens, the shell may reach over 6 cm in length (Hunt, 1877), and shows accretionary growth bands analogous to those seen on the shelves of bivalves or other molluscs (e.g., Fig.
Cawood, "Metallogeny of accretionary orogens--the connection between lithospheric processes and metal endowment," Ore Geology Reviews, vol.
Offshore Palawan it has been interpreted as an accretionary prism that has been preserved in place when subduction ceased in the Middle Miocene.
The accretionary processes that formed full-size planets in our primordial solar system occurred much more slowly farther from the sun, where Uranus and Neptune now dwell.
In the Chilean coast, the existence of rock suites that formed part of a Palaeozoic accretionary prism during subduction of the palaeo-Pacific plate is accepted since the works of Herve (1988), Herve et al.
Two major locations were classified as gas hydrate reserves along Arabian Sea margins located on Indian Continental Slope and in Makran Accretionary Prism.
Petrographically the section was discriminated between accretionary lapilli tuffs, fine hyaloclastite tuffs and mudstones cycles.
Rosenberger, "Implications for focused fluid transport at the northern Cascadia accretionary prism from a correlation between BSR occurrence and near-sea-floor reflectivity anomalies imaged in a multi-frequency seismic data set," International Journal of Earth Sciences, vol.