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marked or produced by accretion

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Offshore Block 18 is located in the North Sohar Basin between the Batinah coast and the Makran Accretionary Prism.
Genetically related "Bathymodiolus" populations also occur on the Barbados Accretionary Prism (BAP) and have been referred to as "Bathymodiolus" sp.
Formation of fore-arc basins by collision between seamounts and accretionary wedges: an example from the New Hebrides subduction zone.
grained pyroclastic, with abundant 2 cm accretionary lapilli, coarse chrome
Otoliths are accretionary crystalline structures located within the inner ear of teleost fish.
The data suggest an antithetic relationship compared to the profile volume change described north of the revetment; the experimental structure apparently creates an accretionary fillet to the south during the summer months.
The regional and local variations in till lithostratigraphy reflect the formation of drumlin fields during one or more glacial advances and/or an accretionary origin of drumlins (Goldstein 1989).
Our initial installations were quite successful, and we and our growing group of CORK collaborators have gone on to deploy similar instrumentation in a total of 11 sites (see map opposite) in three representative types of seafloor hydrological environments: spreading centers, where new seafloor is spreading outward from mid-ocean ridges (ODP Holes 857D and 858G), young mid-ocean ridge flanks (395A, 1024C, 1025C, 1026B, 1027C), and accretionary prisms, where sediments scraped off descending seafloor plates accumulate in front of overriding plates, like debris in front of a locomotive's cowcatcher (889C, 892B, 948D and 949C).
1992), left unresolved the factual question of whether the construction of homes on the Lucas lots would be especially risky, Lucas testified that he would not hesitate to sell his lots to the public because "all of the knowledge that I've gained in my ten years of association at Wild Dunes has been that this is an accretionary island--accreting island, and that if there is erosion it will be of temporary nature, and that has proven to be the case in my observation in the last ten years.
Anggadiredja, Deputy Chairman of BPPT, stated: "This survey is designed to investigate deep geological structures of the accretionary prism in the western part of the Padang and Bengkulu waters.
Diagenetic versus biotic accretionary mechanisms of bryozoan-sponge buildups (Lower Silurian, Anticosti Island, Canada).
The ragged, accretionary margin, widely evident in 1953 and in the incomplete coverages of 1959 and 1960, had been locally replaced by 1969 (Fig.
The five principal research themes for NC are: plate tectonics and earthquake dynamics; fluid fluxes in the oceanic crust and gas hydrates in the accretionary margin; ocean-climate dynamics and impact on biotas; dynamics of deep-sea ecosystems; and engineering and computational research applications (Barnes et al.
The 14 papers here offer new data and results on sedimentology, stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, tectonics, and kinematics for the Zagros fold belt in Iran and the adjacent Makran accretionary prism.
The South America-Caribbean plate boundary consists of a broad zone of transpressive right-lateral, deformation, where the deformation mechanisms suggest slip partitioning in the southern Caribbean accretionary wedge (Sthepan, 1985; Taboada et al.