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grow or become attached by accretion

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When a star-like black hole accretes matter and radiation from outside, it expands and cools down.
For conservatives, the problematic result is that government accretes functions, usurping them from actors better able to perform them.
In these syndetic rituals, "past" moments are not objectified for synthesis with the next, by definition, oppositional, dialectical stage; the rituals' complexity "accretes." Present moments add to the past-presence(6) of previous cycles without replacing them.
She points out that a merger-induced supernova would also be preceded by an epoch during which a white dwarf accretes matter that should undergo nuclear fusion.
These stellar outbursts are thought to occur when a white dwarf accretes so much material from a binary companion that it reaches the so-called Chandrasekhar limit of 1.4 solar masses, igniting a catastrophic explosion.
The resulting master construction will bear an appropriately hybridized title, testifying to a transience in which insubstantial form accretes to itself and obsessive nomenclature proliferates into unsayability, the linguistic corollary of an endless--but insouciant--displacement.
Hester describes the new observations as a smoking gun showing that "it is the massive stars that are responsible for shutting off the process in which an infant star accretes material."
He added: "We want to understand how material accretes onto the star.
Astronomers think that the majority of these explosions, which make a nova seem like a firecracker next to an atomic bomb, are detonated when a white dwarf accretes enough mass to push it over the Chandrasekhar limit.
But in Nova Muscae 1991 and other X-ray novas, the compact star is believed to be a neutron star, and the outburst -- prompted by the suddent release of gravitational energy as matter from the disk accretes onto the star's surface -- might not have a thermonuclear component.
In principle, a stellar-mass black hole could swallow gas from its vicinity until it accretes hundreds or thousands of solar masses.