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grow or become attached by accretion

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The occurrence of such an outburst, detected by Japan's Ginga X-ray astronomy satellite, raises serious questions about how well astronomers understand what happens when a neutron star collects, or accretes, matter from an orbiting companion star.
Interest accretes to the Class Z/IO component on each distribution date up to and including the Accretion Termination Date, which is defined as the distribution date on which the Accretion Directed Certificates (Class A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, and B2 Certificates) have been paid in full.
The acquisition accretes to earnings immediately and has significant growth potential.
The LYONs do not pay any current interest and the principal amount accretes at the rate of 3.
An interest rate of LIBOR plus 3% accretes on funds drawn.