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grow or become attached by accretion

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The energy emitted by Sgr A* with mass M and radius R, after it has accreted an object with mass m and radius r, can be determined by the difference of gravitational potential energies subtracting all other losses or dissipations during the falling of the object towards Sgr A*
As such, it does not reflect the risks associated with the possible reduction of the nominal value or accreted value (where applicable) of the Sukuk, as provided for under the terms of the Sukuk Ihsan Programme.
The event was attended by a number of diplomatic corps accreted to the Kingdom.
This knowledge factory, they write, isn't just accreted company lore, but an "invisible production facility" that "converts raw knowledge into scalable and repeatable processes that create value for [a company's] customers ..."
Forming at sites of subduction of the oceanic lithosphere due to plate tectonics, accretionary systems are magmatic arc systems along with material accreted from the down going plate and eroded from the upper plate and are important in generating, recycling, and maturing continental crust.
Al Doy said that after the last session of the course, participants will receive accreted certificates from their instructor Jackie.
The company's obligations include convertible senior notes with a principal amount outstanding of CAD64m, 3.2m convertible preferred shares with a fully accreted value of CAD80m at 30 April 2009 and accounts payable and accrued liabilities of CAD16m.
Jones attributes the increase of the age at which great innovation occurs to the fact that innovators must build in previously accreted knowledge and thus must necessarily allocate a great deal of their early careers to education.
But in the last ten years or so, new layers of meaning have accreted to the word.
The nature and age of accreted terranes provide insight into processes and paleogeography preceding terrane accretion.
Starting in Year 4, the bond will pay contingent interest for the six-month period ending June 30 or December 31, if its average market price during a "measurement period" before the six-month period was greater than 120% of its accreted value.
Over time, the liability is accreted to its present value each period, and the capitalized cost is depreciated over the useful life of the related asset.
Bryant cautions the investor to be aware that although the buyer of the zero coupon bond does not receive interest payments yearly--as they would with a regular bond (coupon)--the buyer is responsible for paying taxes on the accumulation of interest on the bond, an amount known as the accreted value of the bond.