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grow or become attached by accretion

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Argosy Energy Inc (TSX:GSY), a Canada-based oil and gas company focused on acquisition, exploration, exploitation and development of oil and natural gas in western Canada, has announced a news update for former shareholders of Accrete Energy Inc.
Entities are required to accrete a liability for the participation feature and charge a part of that to expense every period, according to John M.
Jon Miller, an associate professor of astronomy at U-M who also works on the project, said that if Sagittarius A* consumes some of G2, we can learn about black holes accreting at low levels-sneaking midnight snacks, asserting that it is potentially a unique window into how most black holes in the present-day universe accrete.
875% notes have an initial principal amount of $900 per note and will accrete to $1,000 per note on December 1, 2020.
B; NYSE: PGH), a Canada-based holding company that acquires and develops oil and natural gas properties and processing facilities through its subsidiary Pengrowth Corporation, has completed a plan of arrangement to acquire Accrete Energy, Inc (TSX: GZ) (Accrete).
Grids start to wobble, rows of dots begin to meander, stripes accrete in seeming monotony.
The images provide compelling evidence for the classical model of how newborn stars accrete matter, the same process our own sun underwent soon after its birth.
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