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given official approval to act

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A degree obtained from an AACSB accredited school assures prospective employers of relevant and high quality of educational experience.
Accredited and non-accredited schools were significantly different on web grade, F (1, 479) = 28.44, p = .00, [eta.sup.2] = .056, with accredited schools higher (M s = 2.52, SD = 1.20 versus 1.96, SD = 1.13).
With absolutely no commitment or cost, potential students can receive the information they need from various accredited schools to help them make the right choice to reach their educational goals.
Spencer said the ultimate goal is for the new association to represent all accredited schools and programs of public health.
Those awarded Accredited School Provider status will be able to take over up to two under-performing schools.
Those awarded Accredited School Provider (ASP) status will be able to take over two under-performing schools.
Hospitals don't hire doctors unless they've graduated from accredited schools. In the long run, that's exactly where we should be with respect to the nation's teachers.
One area in which nationally accredited schools currently are meeting a higher standard than regionally accredited schools is performance reporting.
The study examined course requirements for accredited schools to determine the requirement and type of ethics courses offered and compared results to the number of schools requiring such courses in the mid-1990s.
Those awarded Accredited School Provider (ASP) status will be able to take over up to two under-performing schools or further education providers, and those with the best track record will be able to become an Accredited Schools Group (ASG) and run three or more schools or academies.
ISIS North publishes a handbook listing more than 200 accredited schools in the region.
To further complicate matters, numerous industries are now creating their own educational curriculum and certification system by utilizing accredited schools. Although the schools provide the education, the ultimate certification is by the industry.
This list of the 29 FEF accredited schools provides a key professor contact to aid your company in the recruitment of interns or full-time employees.
The next step is for a work group of accredited schools and programs to refine the design for the new organization, including choosing a name, developing a governance structure and proposing membership services.
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