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provided with necessary articles of equipment for a specialized purpose (especially military)

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Subsequently, a personalized “X-shaped” supporting garment was accoutred for 3 months to stimulate adherence of the presternal skin to the sternum [Figure 1]d.
shows a man in early middle age with a strong sense of authority about him, very much in command of a group of accoutred Light Horse troopers.
Two manicured and sveltely accoutred diplomats are set against an array of objects pertaining to contemporary arts, earth sciences and cosmography.
When Frost figures a world of leisure--as in his 2012 show at Mary Mary in Glasgow, "Image Coming Soon," which used hammocks as painterly supports, or this year at BolteLang in Zurich, where he accoutred fluffy bathrobes with palm-tree and martini-glass graphics--it's one that is easy to find attractive, in weaker moments, but that doesn't chime with the precarious reality of many artists' working lives.
Rather, the lives of those no-longer-quite-so-young women one sees pounding the asphalt before dawn on Sunday morning, accoutred in spandex and headphones, are dramatically imagined.
They were accoutred in green jackets and blue trousers, in accord with the newest militia dress regulations approved in 1813.
ammunition, "and shall appear, so armed, accoutred and provided,
Accoutred with a comb mounted with a "tiny looking-glass," and a "pocket razor with a guard," Good manages to conduct an absurdly "elaborate toilet" in the wilderness, to the amusement of his companions (King Solomon's Mines 110,109).
The force was mounted and accoutred as light Dragoons.
All the soldiers, including the person who is being operated upon, are accoutred in incongruously shiny jackboots--a symbol later to be applied to cruel and authoritarian behaviour or rule.
Indeed, the Articles of Confederation had required that "every state shall always keep up a well regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutred.
Suitably Accoutred bids for a quick follow-up in the 8.
Soberly accoutred in a corrugated bronze carapace, it determinedly blanks out its surroundings.
and its occupants: the immaculately accoutred Klaatu, played by Michael Rennie, and his robot guardian Gort.
Found in Palu, in central Sulawesi, this sari-length cloth depicts two large facing pairs of elaborately accoutred elephants, surrounded by a supporting cast of human and animal figures and decorative flora.