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Synonyms for accouterment

things needed for a task, journey, or other purpose

Synonyms for accouterment

clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing

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and on women's accouterments ("A woman will have sixty purses, and I still have the wallet I made in camp").
The exhibition, funded by a grant from the Korea Foundation, includes the 19th century screen "Scholar's Accouterments," recently given to the museum by the Huh family.
Endowment funds, from which only the interest accrued is used, provide additional programming, including more expensive performers or stage accouterments.
Thus it was that early last year Rebecca established a dress bank to provide dresses and formal accessories for high school girls anxious to attend prom and homecoming events, but unable to buy dresses and suitable accouterments.
Ingold's fictitious airline had all the accouterments of the real thing, including business reports, embossed stationary, brochures, and souvenirs, even martini glasses.
We are thrilled to have acquired this exceptional property, and look forward to creating an enclave of four distinctive and exclusive homes, which will be built with all the luxury accouterments on the market today.
Now the Daily News didn't pop for the royal accouterments - not even a tiara.
New Offices Feature Latest Digital Accouterments To Support
I was in city college, I was a tall, skinny kid and I was also lacking in accouterments,'' she said.
The attributes -- performance, heritage and craftsmanship -- and accouterments of each car manufacturer sell themselves in contexts befitting each brand.
Some people found Lawrence Kasdan's ``Silverado'' a bit too hip to be considered a good Western, even though it had all the accouterments - a rousing score, gunplay and a strong, silent type (Scott Glenn) as a hero.
Crocodile and alligator VIPs will, like their two-legged counterparts, partake in all the accouterments of a gala premiere, including limousine arrivals, klieg lights, red carpet and cheering fans.
At The Home Wine, Beer, and Cheesemaking Shop in Woodland Hills, which has sold brewing supplies since 1972, accouterments from $300 oak barrels to $600 motorized grape crushers greet the enthusiast.
8Kbps fax modem, and Acer's full multimedia accouterments including quad-speed CD-ROM drive, 16-bit sound card, speakers, and new software, all standard for a market-setting estimated price of $2,799.
There is, though, something decidedly Eurotrashy about Goodchild's outsized palace rooms, with their super-rich colors and anachronistic modern-day accouterments, like telephones and glossy magazines.