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provided with necessary articles of equipment for a specialized purpose (especially military)

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The unnamed, saintly mother in The Tree of Life (Jessica Chastain, accoutered in Pre-Raphaelite tints of auburn and emerald) points to the radiant sky and tells her young son, "That's where God lives," the sound track promptly verifying the Lord's heavenly address with a surging crescendo of Smetana's Ma Vlast.
Indeed, Belts and More Wholesale provides a stunning selection of innovative accessories for the well accoutered canine.
The two classrooms, accoutered with spotlights, A/V projectors and roll-up screens, can accommodate 25 students each, and sliding panels convert it into one large space for larger parties.
As a puzzle, the New Model looks to be an even thornier challenge than its less pointy predecessor; accoutered with no fewer than 16 new pathways (omitted by oversight from the old model) in its network, it boasts nearly twice as many nodes, network segments and total letters:
Ponygirl' and 'Ponyboy' refer to a man or woman being accoutered in a harness and leather outfit that emulates their being an equestrian mount--of being turned into a horse for the benefit and pleasure of a master or mistress.
Sorry to disappoint you if you have been influenced by the Hollywood image of Israeli girl soldiers being Amazon-type warriors accoutered in ill-fitting male combat fatigues and toting sub-machine guns.
Appearing onstage in John Augustus Stone's Metamora, or, The Last of the Wampanoags, Forrest was costumed in Indian tunic, pants, and moccasins, accoutered with tomahawk, club, and knife, and colored with a burnt umber concoction called "Bollamenia.
It then began to rain and the men retired to the veranda of the barracks where they formed 'armed and accoutered [sic]'; nevertheless Bunbury was able to address them there and they eventually 'quietly returned to their duties' not, however, before putting forward a request for the full mainland ration of spirits in their daily issue, a request Bunbury dismissed out of hand.
Her best friend and roommate Betty sounds a little like an African-American Ralph Kramden, albeit much more hiply accoutered.
Because Ardeith is accoutered with the staples--human and non-human--typically associated with the romantic tradition of the Old South, one might reasonably conclude that the plantation's centrality in the novel uncritically perpetuates its surrounding ideology.