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Synonyms for accouter

to supply what is needed for some activity or purpose

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Synonyms for accouter

provide with military equipment


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Appearing onstage in John Augustus Stone's Metamora, or, The Last of the Wampanoags, Forrest was costumed in Indian tunic, pants, and moccasins, accoutered with tomahawk, club, and knife, and colored with a burnt umber concoction called "Bollamenia." (1) When he bounded onto the scene at the beginning of the play, ejaculating the first of the many Indian sounds he would utter that night, few knew that American culture would be hearing the echoes of his voice for years to come.
Middle-class people dine, preferably in company; conviviality is proof that an individual has arrived, that he or she has become "one of us." Middle-class people don't live "from hand to mouth"; they dine on tables accoutered with more napery, glasses, and cutlery than they can use.
It then began to rain and the men retired to the veranda of the barracks where they formed 'armed and accoutered [sic]'; nevertheless Bunbury was able to address them there and they eventually 'quietly returned to their duties' not, however, before putting forward a request for the full mainland ration of spirits in their daily issue, a request Bunbury dismissed out of hand.
(3) Then, through this newly "accoutered" Jesus, the Jew can locate himself or herself in relation to the broader society and at the same time challenge the dominant Christian view of Jews and Judaism.
Admission is $4 at the door, or $3 if you're suitably attired and accoutered; bathing suits, blankets, lounge chairs, volleyballs and hula hoops are encouraged.
Her best friend and roommate Betty sounds a little like an African-American Ralph Kramden, albeit much more hiply accoutered. Nomi's latest flame, the luscious femme Julie Sakamoto, works in Toronto for an Asian AIDS organization, and is a close friend of Henry.
Because Ardeith is accoutered with the staples--human and non-human--typically associated with the romantic tradition of the Old South, one might reasonably conclude that the plantation's centrality in the novel uncritically perpetuates its surrounding ideology.
"Mon dieu, a cavalier, he can't have that from you, Peter; tell Nancy she can put the flowers you didn't bring me in the vase she broke yesterday--and you sit down right here, we have a lot to talk about, the two of us!" Apart from a small dressing tabl e from her days as a movie makeup artist, and the wide-screened television resting on top of it, the room was accoutered only with shadows; before I had a chance to find a chair she had grabbed my arm and planted me on the edge of her bed.
The Art of Painting is one of Vermeer's most intellectually and formally ambitious works (and one of his most achieved), with its elegantly but anachronistically dressed painter seated at his easel, scrutinizing a model accoutered to symbolize fame, its wash of pale sunlight, and its delicate orchestration of warm grays and creams brought to life by dull oranges and intense blues.
That's anywhere from a half to a third what the BNPs charge for a similarly accoutered gun.
5), to its similarly accoutered Assyrian counterpart?12 A reliance on authorial assertions of "striking similarity" is found elsewhere in the "The Assyrian Tree." In fig.
For this, social workers must be accoutered with a framework or strategy to guide them in determining which principle, value, or obligation to honor foremost when ethical obligations conflict.
One poor man brought along a cow, accoutered in the appropriate white vestments, because "the kids will need milk."
Few are in any position to refuse his offers." Chris Ofili, painter of the dung- accoutered Holy Virgin Mary, has written that "a lot of artists are producing what is known as Saatchi art.