accounts receivable

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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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Smyth is a leading provider of services for accounts receivable, credit, collections and deduction management, including credit information and risk mitigation, and related Software as a Service (SaaS) technology.
This due diligence will Focus on (1) conframing the potential borrower's accounts receivable, (2) analyzing third-party payers/reviewing regulatory compliance, and (3) performing financial analysis of operations.
The tax adviser should suggest that Peary contribute his $60,000 of zero-basis accounts receivable from his practice, but, to avoid assignment-of-income issues, the partnership should also assume the payables of Peary's practice.
Moreover, simply making a journal entry will create an imbalance in the general ledger; it will not agree with the sales journal or accounts receivable detail.
customer relationships by expanding our accounts receivable and working capital financing capabilities domestically while broadening our presence in the Asian market, namely China," Roland Chalons-Browne, President and CEO of SFS, Inc.
9 billion publicly traded provider of electrical products, refinanced its cash flow facility with a $250 million revolving asset-based loan, using its accounts receivable and inventory as collateral.
448(d)(5) temporary regulations as a way to compute bad-debt experience, but was replaced in the amended temporary regulations with the generally less favorable six-year moving-average method (which requires a taxpayer to use total sales versus year-end accounts receivable in determining its uncollectible experience).
Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Akron, OH, has successfully completed a comprehensive refinancing and restructuring of its bank credit and accounts receivable facilities.
A bookkeeping employee, responsible for posting accounts receivable in a small business, stole some of the cash payments but nonetheless posted the transaction to the company's accounts-receivable detail.
When a section 482 issue is resolved, the commensurate adjustment may extend over several years and result in the creation of multiple accounts receivable that must be "processed" under Rev.
Jim Pearce, vice president and regional manager, said, "This $100,000,000 line of credit will distinguish First Capital as the premier provider of accounts receivable and inventory loans in the mid-Atlantic.
Neglecting your accounts receivable, money owed to your business by customers, can be the most expensive management mistake you will ever make.
Some factors don't like to see a single client representing more than 25% of total accounts receivable.
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