accounts receivable

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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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448(d)(5) temporary regulations as a way to compute bad-debt experience, but was replaced in the amended temporary regulations with the generally less favorable six-year moving-average method (which requires a taxpayer to use total sales versus year-end accounts receivable in determining its uncollectible experience).
65-17 accounts receivable (including interest on that account) should be characterized as creditable taxes for foreign tax credit purposes.
To do this, determine the total dollar value of your accounts receivable and the average daily amount of your daily sales on credit.
As providers of credit and accounts receivable management services, and as developers of our own leading Carixa[TM]credit and accounts receivables SaaS technology, we immediately recognized the value that The Receivables Exchange's innovative A/R auction platform can bring to so many companies who are seeking a better way to manage their cash flow," said John Metzger, Chairman of the Smyth Companies.
This due diligence will Focus on (1) conframing the potential borrower's accounts receivable, (2) analyzing third-party payers/reviewing regulatory compliance, and (3) performing financial analysis of operations.
The tax adviser should suggest that Peary contribute his $60,000 of zero-basis accounts receivable from his practice, but, to avoid assignment-of-income issues, the partnership should also assume the payables of Peary's practice.
One of the easiest ways to book non-existent revenue is simply to create journal entries debiting accounts receivable and crediting sales.
65-17 accounts receivable without imputation of interest.
Siemens First Capital Commercial Finance, LLC Expands the Companies' Working Capital & Accounts Receivable Financing Businesses
As these companies' earnings have suffered, they have turned to the inherent value of their assets -- accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets -- to deliver the operational flexibility and borrowing power their cash flows can no longer command.
Confirmation of accounts receivable has been a nearly sacrosanct auditing procedure for over 50 years.
Service providers should consider the use of the nonaccrual experience method to avoid accruing income from accounts receivable estimated to be uncollectible.
Some factors don't like to see a single client representing more than 25% of total accounts receivable.
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