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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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Fast-growing companies require more working capital, particularly companies that extend credit to their customers instead of collecting cash payments by creating an asset known as accounts receivable. Accounts receivable work much like a loan, wherein a company sells their good to a customer on credit, Each month that customer pays the agreed-upon payment back to the company until the customer pays back in full that receivable (i.e., loan).
Accounts receivables are money which SBMA needs to collect from companies with which it has ongoing transactions.
Founded in 1982, Northland Group provides business process outsourcing services focused on accounts receivable management and collection services for national credit grantors.
Alltran specializes in revenue cycle, accounts receivable and contact center solutions within the Healthcare, Financial Services, Higher Education, and Government industries.
Calculate accounts receivable by dividing sales by the value of accounts receivable.
Programs include inventory and accounts receivable financing, asset-based lending, private label financing, collateral management and related financial products.
The accounts receivable turnover is artificially inflated.
Goods sold on credit get converted to accounts receivables whose accumulation would result in accounts receivable carrying cost to the firm.
The age of the accounts receivable and inventory is also a major area of consideration.
TLM Accounts Receivable was originally developed in conjunction with a major financial institution in Asia to meet a market need.
A Financial Times analysis revealed that 66 percent of listed Chinese companies that have reported third-quarter results showed a year-on-year increase in such unpaid bills, called accounts receivable in accounting, as a proportion of sales, according to the S andP Capital IQ database.
At the end of each year, the finance company owned substantial accounts receivable due from the dealership.
The award, presented by The Association for Work Process Improvement (TAWPI), International Accounts Payable Professionals (IAPP) and International Accounts Receivable Professionals (IARP), honors "accounts receivable innovation based on demonstrated leveraging of technology and the business process to take remittance and receivables to the next level."
economy has struggled during the past few years, estimating the collectibility of accounts receivable is perhaps more important than ever for a business's success.
The survey ranks payers based on a series of measures, including the number of days that claims spend in accounts receivable, percentage of claims resolved on first submission, percentage of each claim shifted to.
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