accounts payable

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a debtor's accounts of money he owes

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Procurify Accounts Payable helps businesses take a big-picture view of their accounts payable process, whether they call it that or not, and seize opportunities to improve cash flow, eliminate paper shuffling, pay bills on time and retain vendor goodwill.
Other accounts payable consist mainly of debt to suppliers for equipment and services, warranty maintenance of bidders, transit of electricity through networks of the National Electric Grid, etc.
Rob DeVincent is responsible for guiding the product roadmap of Corcentric's Accounts Payable solution, COR360, which enables companies to manage 100% of their paper and electronic invoice submissions, invoice approvals and matching, supplier customer service, purchase order requisitioning, payment disbursement, and spend management electronically.
FirstStrike[TM] Fraud Detect provides the continuous monitoring companies need to fight fraud in accounts payable disbursements.
Qualcomm's accounts payable team recently had its accounts payable reviewed for potential duplicate payments and sales tax overpayments.
Accounts Payable scans about 300,000 invoices a year and keeps them for four years, says White, so total storage will reach 1.
QuickCARE serves up a flexible, seamless Windows 95/98/NT environment that integrates preadmissions, clinical, billing, survey, trust, accounts payable, payroll and general ledger-along with JCAHO-approved Oryx data collection and comprehensive support for federal/state reporting and compliance.
Managers no longer are interrupted to sign low-dollar purchase requisitions or sift through low-dollar transaction details identified on an accounts payable distributions report.
With SciQuest's Accounts Payable solution, the University of Montana will be able to automate its accounts payable processes, eliminating tedious manual tasks while gaining valuable insights throughout the procure-to-pay process.
Global accounts payable team nominated in "thought leader" category by APEX Analytix
Fraud is a vastly underappreciated challenge, says Jim Arnold, president and founder of APEX Analytix, a provider of accounts payable auditing, procurement and spend analysis and audit software.
This approach has, for the most part, changed in the last several years, with the ability to use electronic data downloads of a company's accounts payable payment files and statistical sampling.
As part of SciQuest's comprehensive invoicing portfolio, Digital Mailroom enables the accurate conversion of paper-based invoices for consistent and efficient processing in SciQuest's Accounts Payable Director.
com)-- Corcentric, a leading provider of Accounts Payable automation solutions, today announced Rob DeVincent, VP Product Marketing for Corcentric, will be speaking at TAPN's 2011 Accounts Payable Productivity Summit.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- IOMA has launched AccountsPayable360 -- a new Web site designed for those hard-working -- but largely unsung -- employees who work in corporate accounts payable departments (an estimated 966,469 employees work in accounts payables in the U.
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