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The underlying database structure of the actual accounting system is significantly different than how he learned a database system should be structured.
Setup for a new business: Practitioners help a start-up choose, install and operate a new accounting system.
The accounting system of the modem era is still wedded to its past -- far too oriented towards the bankers' perspective, with the shareholders' perspective given short shrift.
com came about when the airport went looking for a flight information display system for the terminal to fit their budget and Aviation InterTech came up with a low-cost Internet-based solution; "We later identified at the airport a need for an aeronautical billing solution that would integrate with our financial accounting system," says.
OUC turned to Genergy because the company can integrate the utility's highly customized internal accounting systems for chilled water and electric/water rates and produce a streamlined, customer-friendly billing process-from meter reading to the final complex rate calculations needed to determine charges.
As with any online accounting system, senior financial managers and their staff have secure, real-time access to their accounting system and data from any Internet connected computer-at their office, at home, at a customer's office, or on the road at any time, day or night.
A management accounting system drives fundamental manufacturing performance improvements that customers can see and measure (improved quality and shorter cycle times).
Starting with a five-concurrent-user license, the product prices, with configurations with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Reporting, Accounts Receivable Billing, Allocations Management, Bank Reconciliation, and Budget Management, are appraised at $21,875 for a ten user system, $30,875 for a 15 user system, and $46,315 for a 25 user system and users of Micro Information Product's Advantage NonProfit Series systems will get 100 percent credit for their accounting system configu ration through 12/31/00.
471-2(d) states that, when a taxpayer maintains book inventories in accordance with a "sound accounting system," the net value of the inventory will be deemed to be its cost as long as the book inventories are "verified by physical inventories at reasonable intervals and adjusted to conform therewith.
You don't know the answers but do not want to leave the current on-screen report to find the answer, if indeed an answer can be garnered from the accounting system.
One area where such difficulties are likely to arise is the management accounting system, since the present management accounting systems were designed for environments dissimilar to those which face today's companies[3].
RealWorld Practical Accounting System, RealWorld Corporation, 282 Loudon Road, PO Box 2051, Concord, NH 03302-2051, (800) 8-6336, $495 single-user/$995 network version.
It focuses on the preaward accounting system survey applicable to both major and nonmajor contractors as defined by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).
Whether one is looking to implement a fully-integrated accounting system, eliminate the margin of error in warehousing, increase customer loyalty or streamline and automate one's human resource and employee benefits administration process, BDO Business Technology Solutions Inc.
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