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all the data (ledgers and journals and spreadsheets) that support a financial statement

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another bright accountant got the idea that recording accounting data on papyrus scrolls was even less labor intensive, and he began doing so.
They continue to receive static reporting from our specialist private equity or real estate fund accountants - but can now drill down into their fund data and conduct flexible querying of the accounting data through an online interface.
AF Query provides our clients a very economical view-only tool for direct user access to the accounting data they need to do their jobs while preventing them from changing data," said Stare.
Many network systems have a nightly backup process in place that backs up not only the accounting data but other important files as well.
Small businesses have the option of customizing Simply Accounting Data Backup to fit their data protection and recovery needs.
Each SAO performs a backup of their data and keeps it on a floppy disk in order to reconstitute their accounting data in the event the computer fails.
Analyze and reformat QuickBooks accounting data for use by other users in a company.
Archiving email messages, legal documents, accounting data, and files while providing access to users.
Reckson also desired a company-wide data base that could accommodate operational information in addition to traditional accounting data.
95 (SFAS 95) in the prediction of bankruptcy, and whether cash flow data provide a superior prediction of business failure over the models employing conventional accrual accounting data.
Nearly all accounting software vendors provide options to export accounting data to other programs in spreadsheet, text, database or other formats.
Introduction of IPSAS - compliant financial statements in the existing SAP R3 system ECC6 EHP6, which is in a standardized version in use as well as the migration of existing accounting data (expected for the financial year 2015).
These SAARMS-generated financial transactions are electronically transmitted into the official Air Force accounting systems via an Internet data network where they pass through an interface application, which validates the data for accuracy and passes the accounting data to an accounts payable module for obligation and processing.
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