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Synonyms for accountable

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Synonyms for accountable

legally obligated

capable of being explained or accounted for

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liable to account for one's actions

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It will be critical to ensure that most of the big decisions about most aspects of people's lives are made much closer to where people live, much more accountably, by elected devolved regional authorities.
Sources stated that the role of National Accountably Bureau (NAB) will be totally end in this process.
FAISALABAD -- The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), in collaboration with National Accountably Bureau (NAB), has arranged an awareness session about menace of corruption and ways to wipe it out from the society at New Senate Hall.
PESHAWAR -- The National Accountably Bureau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, will receive complaints during a public hearing at its regional office here on Sept 27 (Thursday) from 2pm to 4pm.
Of course, I want UK Aid spent well and accountably. But if we are a 'wonderful country with wonderful people, a small island with great pride and tenacity, determination and spirit and generosity' as they say, we shouldn't stop showing it by alleviating suffering.
Imran Khan said that the PTI Government would strengthen the scope of the National Accountably Bureau (NAB) as every public representative and office holder would be made accountable for his misdeeds." The strength of the Judges and auditors in the NAB would be increased with a view to accelerating the disposal of the cases referred to anti-corruption watchdogs," he added.
"Moreover NIHR monitors and visits detention centres in Bahrain with announced and unannounced visits which demonstrate accountably and independence and all our actions are transparent.
Clearly, to bear fruition, the new government would have to continue with worthier initiatives of its predecessor a transparently, accountably and efficiently.
"Any organisation which is left without having to report openly and accountably to a board and the public, more and more people will start to do their own thing and that gets very difficult."
The last opportunity granted in the HLRF for South Sudanese leaders as well as for the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and IGAD-Plus to commit themselves seriously and accountably to the revitalization of the ARCSS, should serve as final wakeup call for all.
"Our hope is this new process will implement a system that stresses accuracy and accountably to give survivors of sexual assault some peace of mind."
This trust should be able to advise on the contracting and regulatory frameworks required to deploy funds effectively and accountably, according to the report's authors.
In practice, this means reforming corporate governance to ensure all businesses are run accountably.
Fighting the next noble social justice battle is much more gratifying than the dull, hard work of seeing that the existing government structures are operating effectively, efficiently, and accountably. Even those Democrats who realize that public-sector unions saddle activist government with severe structural defects also realize that the political risk-reward calculation almost always calls for capitulating to the unions now, and confronting them in some very distant, very hazy future.
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