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Synonyms for accountable

Synonyms for accountable

legally obligated

capable of being explained or accounted for

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liable to account for one's actions

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Stress that in order to enable Afghan ownership, increase economic sustainability as well as build and upgrade state capability to deliver public services effectively and accountably, the international community and the Afghan Government must honour their mutual commitments beyond 2014 and through the Decade of Transformation,
and Yemeni authorities could do is ensure that calls for greater transparency, accountably, and compensation are met with a degree of sincerity rather than being completely ignored.
The report further said that while Asif's inability to act more responsibly and accountably failed the expectations of his followers, Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer's faith in the bowler allowed him to claim 11 wickets in a tour match against England in 2005 and win the final match between Pakistan and India by taking seven wickets.
The result of a national search to identify a Pharmacy Benefit Manager with depth and breadth of experience in efficiently, accountably and transparently delivering pharmacy benefits led us to one provider, ProCare Rx," said Joseph E.
If Housley and Fitzgerald are right, then allusion to punishment should accountably follow.
Yet in a constitutional democracy, governments must act accountably and in conformity with the Constitution and the rights and liberties it guarantees.
Reports say the man, Kamran Faisal, an investigation officer of the National Accountably Bureau (NAB), was found hanged in the government hostel in Islamabad where he lived with colleagues.
We will administer the Corporation democratically, efficiently and accountably.
He ends his article saying: "Managing existing state-owned companies and all spheres of government more effectively, more honestly and more accountably, and governing in the interest of all rather than those of a small elite, are more effective solutions to our current problems than nationalisation.
Many of the responsibilities for researchers in the Tri-Agency Research Integrity Policy (Tri-Agency RIP) stem from the CCA Report including the principles that researchers should aim 'to follow best research practices honestly, accountably, openly, and fairly'.
68) These include the key to the high rate of repayment of the micro-loans--making future loans to people in the local neighborhood or community dependent on the repayment of previous loans, so that friends and neighbors create accountably mechanisms for those who have borrowed money--more of a socialist than a capitalist concept.
Security Council urges human rights accountably in Yemen.
Speaking as an ex-administrator and a tenured professor with a long and varied service record, I want to suggest that service is that part of our collectively negotiated professional workload through which autonomy is most likely to be protected from further erosion if exercised accountably.
By 2010, the program is expected to reach 9,000 schools with the promotion of ownership and dissemination of new methods for delivering basic education assistance directly to the local level where it can be more effectively and accountably targeted.
Cullen (2005) argues that "[w]ater is the key to living and to economic development in Australia" and that a "sustainable future [for Australia] will entail extensive collaboration between governments and stakeholders [like education] to ensure that the true costs of water use are borne equitably and accountably in both rural and urban areas" (p.
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