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Synonyms for accountable

Synonyms for accountable

legally obligated

capable of being explained or accounted for

Words related to accountable

liable to account for one's actions

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In practice, this means reforming corporate governance to ensure all businesses are run accountably.
Fighting the next noble social justice battle is much more gratifying than the dull, hard work of seeing that the existing government structures are operating effectively, efficiently, and accountably.
With an operating principle such as this, the format of adjacency pairs becomes "a normative framework for actions which is accountably implemented" (Heritage 247).
Hellman, a female playwright in a male-dominated American theatrical arena with her double-edged success, was accountably pushed to the limelight of fame as well as skepticism.
FRHI's values of respect, integrity, team work, accountably and excellence are the foundation for everything we do.
He also said that rulers are crying to avoid accountably and Sharif brothers wanted to introduce American laws in the country.
This motivation is not possible without incorporating the sense of accountably in individuals.
Only with focused attention to ecological validity will occupational therapists be able to accountably and responsibly serve clients, groups, and populations through the practice framework and engage in research to enact unique a professional philosophy and theories.
If you want to go for the full model with all or many of the local decisions taken here, then you have got to have some accountably and some democracy.
But if the cash just then sits there, and the governments aren't sure what to do with it, or have doubts about being able to use it accountably.
Franco's need for absolution is not uncommon in her male protagonists: 'There is another important dimension to her work, the facet that examines the failure to grow up and face life accountably, the psychological flaw typically responsible for those thematic, moral problems.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountably Act's (HIPAA) Omnibus Rule, Payment Card Industry (PCI) 3.
Given the history of the main contractor, it is imperative that the UK Government ensures this huge investment is a positive force in North Wales and money is spent accountably and in the public interest.
As an evidence-based designer, I, too, need sociometric data to map a variety of ambulatory experiences in order to design accountably.
A lucid explanation of the way a leader's self-awareness of personal beliefs influences outcomes lays a solid foundation for pointing out how to more rapidly cause followers to gain perspective, act accountably, and rapidly align to adapt faster in the marketplace.
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