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Synonyms for accountable

Synonyms for accountable

legally obligated

capable of being explained or accounted for

Words related to accountable

liable to account for one's actions

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The former premier said that his children were held accountable, his grandfather was posthumously held accountable among other family members but nothing was proved against him and was disqualified on a residential permit.
Had parliament held us accountable then the matters could have been settled in parliament, he remarked.
Our 2013 WISH report, published when accountable care was still an emerging concept, explained what it was and how it could work.
In 2015, Medicare Accountable Care Organizations had combined total program savings of $466 million, which includes all Accountable Care Organizations experiences, for 392 Medicare Shared Savings Program participants and 12 Pioneer Accountable Care Organization Model participants.
Those who refuse to be held accountable or who evade personal responsibility have no place whatsoever in sales, let alone any other good-paying job.
8220;Sites in the top two or three search results get the most clicks, and we want to push our clients, including Accountable Drivers, as close as possible to those top results,” explains Matt Gallo, a member of Prospect Genius's SEO team.
Under terms of the agreement, The Principal will make a financial investment in Accountable Health, and will transfer ownership of Principal Wellness company to Accountable Health.
With the new enhancements, Lumeris now offers the market's most comprehensive care management solution for accountable care organizations, helping providers with care coordination for both high-risk and well members.
Invita Healthcare Staffinga[euro](tm)s own CEO Vin Foresta expects that its acquisition by Accountable Healthcare will bring enormous benefits to the firma[euro](tm)s customers and staff.
All accountable institutions as highlighted in the Act, were given three years from the date on which the Act came into operation to identify the clients they already had on their books at that date.
This interim study report presents an overview of the relevant policy context and presents findings for the following research questions: (1) What percentage of schools were accountable for the performance of the SWD subgroup between the 2005-06 and 2008-09 school years?
There is so much talk in the media today about health care reform, rising health care costs, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO).
To determine accuracy, the counts had to be compared to the accountable balances in the various Air Force supply systems (Stock Control System [SCS], the Standard Base Supply System [SBSS], and the Defense Logistics Agency [DLA] supply system).
According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of accountable is "responsible to someone or for some action; answerable".
It's all a question of taking responsibility and holding people accountable," Villaraigosa said during a Thursday tour of the UCLA campus with a delegation from the U.
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