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If so, an empirical question arises: given the valid claim for accountability, is accountability achieved or is there an accountability gap?
Concurrently, the sector is having an intense internal discussion about voluntary steps that will bring about greater accountability (and avoid additional regulatory burdens).
She said they were not talking about forcing something down higher ed's throat, but since the taxpayers paid about $80 billion a year to finance higher ed, they felt they had a responsibility to have a discussion about accountability and results and performance," Hartle stated.
Far from being the year of accountability, in Los Angeles, anyway, 2004 was merely the year of the scandal.
Inclusion and Accommodation Policies There has been a lot of discussion about the best way to assess the language proficiency and school achievement of ELLs, and how to include them in standards and accountability systems (LaCelle-Peterson & Rivera, 1994).
and A Review of the Related Department of Family Services and Housing Financial Accountability Framework confirms allegations of questionable use of public monies by Hydra House Ltd.
Measurability and accountability are the surgical operators that ensure effective succession planning.
Like the Seinfeld character Cosmo Kramer's assurance that big corporations "write everything off" (at turns out Kramer doesn't know what a write-off is), the call for more corporate accountability should be measured against reality, individual executives do in fact get punished, as seen in the recent prison sentence for ImClone CEO Sam Waksal.
The Forest Service has made little real progress in resolving its long-standing performance accountability problems and, based on the status of its current efforts, remains years away from implementing a credible performance accountability system.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 represents the most meaningful and consequential corporate accountability legislation passed by the federal government since the 1930s.
My own most compelling interest as a physician was in the integration of health care, quality accountability and consumer choices based on quality first and, secondarily, price.
Rethinking Democratic Accountability (Brookings Institution Press: 2001)
Because accountability and the need to demonstrate stewardship of public resources are so important, a major goal of governmental accounting and financial reporting is to demonstrate compliance with such finance-related legal and contractual restrictions.
accept accountability for establishing the situation in which those injuries were inflicted (that is, establishing laws and customs that make children the legal property of parents and give parents a legal shield of privacy behind which many types of abuse can be inflicted without outside interference or even comment)
He decided he would do for vocational programs what the state department of education already was doing for the area's comprehensive high schools--develop and implement an accountability system.
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