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Again, a performance referred to only in letters and account books sits at the center of the chapter: the Twelfth Night masque of that year mocked Catholic prelates by staging crows, donkeys, and wolves in the costumes of priests, abbots, and Cardinals.
Heritage was not meticulous: he omitted transactions and his account book does not cover all of his activities, but there is enough for Dyer to assemble a portrait of Heritage the businessman.
Drury Lane's 1771-72 account book lists three different glaziers and glass-men: Mr King, Mr Stafford, and Lowe & Company, each of whom may have specialized in different services or types of glass (Drury Lane Theatre Journals 1771-72 ff.
A notice on the account book says: "This pass book is the property of the Society.
550, 1549-1600) and the Smyth family account book (V.
The account book is a complex manuscript, requiring considerable deciphering, researching and annotating--and regrets that it had previously been inaccessible are now dispelled by this excellent publication.
The account book also records Rougemont's religious exercises, revealing his spiritual as well as material life.
An account book, diary, statement of expense or similar log in which the taxpayer lists each element of an expenditure at or near the time it was made.
an account book, statement of expense or similar record) and documentary evidence (e.
They found a suitcase belonging to Xhang containing an account book which gave details of another farm in Lanercost Drive, Fenham, where a further 100 plants were found.
We also know for sure the exact day that he made his first sales, that was 1st September 1729, because he opened his account book in which he wrote in a wonderful copperplate hand, 'In the name of God and the Virgin Mary shall this book be commenced'.
When read well, read wisely, read above all imaginatively -- in a word, when read as Martines reads his love sonnets, political canzoni, and cruel beffe -- even so prosaic a text as an account book or an inventory can disclose just as effectively as poetry "the ways in which people both daydreamed and carried out their ordinary activities under an aura of social ideals and stresses"
A building society account book found in Paddy's home showed that pounds 2,000 was withdrawn from his account six days before his disappearance.
As contemplated, the liquidation of Harris & Harris Group's interest would be at a premium to its capital account book value at December 31, 2002.
But in 2008 a new manager checked his account book and found major discrepancies which prompted an investigation.