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a physician specializing in obstetrics

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An example of a transcription error relating to accoucheurs is John Broom of Bristol who is entered in the transcribed census as "Physician (Surgeon & Accountant IK2CPS)." In the original manuscript, he is "Physician, Surgeon + Accoucheur LR2CPS." In relation to accoutrement makers, John R.
By the same token, it is possible that a small number of those transcribed as accoucheurs, accoutrement makers, annuitants, and assistants were actually accountants.
Pugh and Grant are qualified to practise their profession of surgeons and accoucheurs in any part of Great Britain; ..."
He can bless a Paul, though afflicted with a thorn in the flesh and a chain on his arm; and he can bless a tract too, though almost strangled in its protracted birth, through the self-conceit and imbecility of superintending accoucheurs."
By the 1810s Richard Croft had become one of the foremost accoucheurs (male mid-wives) in the country.
By nightfall Croft had summoned the assistance of another accoucheur from London in the shape of Dr John Sims.
Ce sont les sages-femmes qui sont les accoucheurs qualifies preferes des femmes.
In order to account for the physiological changes which took place in pregnancy, influential accoucheurs such as Thomas Denman developed existing physiological concepts such as irritability (a morbidly excitable condition) and consent (sympathy) between organs of the body, to create a model of uterine instability which was thought to affect the mind as well as the body of the pregnant woman.
Dena Towner's study are intriguing but not really surprising to experienced accoucheurs (N.