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a physician specializing in obstetrics

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Le Dr Lounes Benghanem, maEtre assistant et accoucheur, a indique que la mere et quatre nouveau-nes se portaient bien alors que le cinquieme presentait une souffrance respiratoire, d'oE la necessite de le placer sous assistance respiratoire meme si sa vie est hors de danger.
George's Hospital Medical School--and the accoucheur who ushered the biographical subject into the world--publisher J.
He resigned from his appointments of Hospital Superintendent and Coroner (19) but delayed resigning from his appointment of Provincial Surgeon until October 1861 (4), although for a considerable time prior to then this duty was fulfilled by Dr C France, a practising surgeon and accoucheur (47).
One female midwife he described as 'a feminine accoucheur [who] keeps a sly grog shop, and sells nobblers [drams of spirits] when not obstetrically employed', adding that the midwife unashamedly spruiked for maternity business.
By nightfall Croft had summoned the assistance of another accoucheur from London in the shape of Dr John Sims.
Lianne McTavish sets herself a more ambitious brief, to study a range of obstetric treatises published in French over nearly two centuries--coinciding broadly with the rise of the accoucheur (man-midwife surgeon)--in order to analyze how men came to be recognized as experts embodying obstetrical authority.
There are also the observations of her accoucheur, Dr.