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Synonyms for accost

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Synonyms for accost

to approach for the purpose of speech

to meet face-to-face, especially defiantly

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Synonyms for accost

approach with an offer of sexual favors


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Some traffic policemen are afraid of accosting such motorists despite traffic violations for fear of retaliatory acts such administrative cases and threats of being reassigned.
Francis Pangilinan to the public - remain calm when accosted by the police, ask for the name and unit of the person and the reason for accosting, explain one's side but not quarrel with policemen and, if arrested, to be allowed to call a relative or a lawyer - and said people should apply these.
Sediuk has become infamous for physically accosting Hollywood stars on red carpets.
Hawes, 47, of 18 Carleton Road in the Rochdale section of Leicester, was ordered held in lieu of $25,000 bail at his arraignment on charges of a second offense of distributing obscene matter, accosting or annoying a person of the opposite sex and resisting arrest.
A SERIAL stalker is fighting his court-imposed ban on "accosting" women.
Will adults then have to put up with groups of kids accosting them outside off licences with such pleas as: "Hey Mr / Mrs.., will you get me a Mars bar, can of Coke and a packet of crisps please
were killed when some citizens tried to prevent the lynching of a young black man who was accused of accosting a white woman.
The modifications made the bacteria safe for mice and useful for accosting cancer.