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Synonyms for accost

Synonyms for accost

to approach for the purpose of speech

to meet face-to-face, especially defiantly

Synonyms for accost

approach with an offer of sexual favors


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And here Mr Codlin's false position in society and the effect it wrought upon his wounded spirit, were strongly illustrated; for whereas he had been last night accosted by Mr Punch as 'master,' and had by inference left the audience to understand that he maintained that individual for his own luxurious entertainment and delight, here he was, now, painfully walking beneath the burden of that same Punch's temple, and bearing it bodily upon his shoulders on a sultry day and along a dusty road.
Mwenga said that the deceased had left the club accompanied by his wife Esther Nandutu before they were accosted by the gang.
Initially accosted for violating a city ordinance that bans jeepney barkers from 'no loading and unloading' zones, Jerick Leonador, Junskee Garalde and Rafael Makidez yielded three sachets of shabu.
The full text message to parents read: "BE AWARE: While walking home from school last night a child was accosted by a man in a car.
The 21-year-old supermodel smashed her elbow into Vitalii Sediuk's face after he accosted her as she left a fashion show in Milan.
Somewhere in the annals of ITV there's some footage, circa 1994, of a 19-year-old, slightly tipsy Leonardo DiCaprio, being accosted by a 33-year-old, slightly motherly me, following the 66th Academy Awards ceremony in LA.
a Sigue Sigue Sputnik gang member, had stopped by an LRT station in Pasay City to relieve himself, but was accosted by a patrolling policeman who later found an unlicensed gun in his possession.
Cook, the Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was accosted by the justice counselor at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, Fatih Kesici, for allegedly not calling the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist, Cook announced on his Twitter account.
CAIRO - At least 23 people have been killed in tribal clashes in Egypt's southern Aswan province after a man from one group sexually accosted a woman from another, officials said Saturday.
At least three drivers accosted the reporter, tried to snatch his mobile phone and pushed him following a report last week, which accused drivers of trying to fleece cruise tourists at Bab Al Bahrain.
During a bizarre Hollywood outing caught on camera by ET, Amanda is accosted by a paparazzo and immediately shields her face.
POLICE are hunting a sex pest who accosted a woman in an alley in Leamington.
The terrified victim was accosted in Blacker Road on July 13, shortly after 10pm, and detectives hope people may have seen something.
The attempted attack took place at around 7pm on Swanton Close, Etal Park, Newcastle, when the middleaged man was accosted by a youth who threatened him with the weapon.
INTER president Massimo Moratti had to deal with a barrage of abuse when a Juventus fan accosted him outside his office.