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The Accordionists & Teachers Guild is pleased to announce its 74th Annual Accordion Festival being held July 24-26, 2014, in Burlingame, Calif.
Currently, around 20 accordionists of varying standard attend regularly, from which the Cleveland Accordionaires are drawn | You can send pictures by |email to rememberwhen@eveninggazette.
In Eugene, Lelyukh will perform with his wife, Vlada, also an accomplished accordionist.
Mr Curran, said he was very pleased with how the accordionists, young and old, had worked together.
Joe Burke is one of Ireland's leading accordionists, hailing from Kilnadeema, County Galway.
Accordionists strolled amid stalls selling food to be paired with Muscadet, and French folk bands performed.
It was in our cultural attitudes,'' said Faithe Deffner, president of the American Accordionists Association.
At times the dancers move as a chorus of the damned, in sync and powerfully accompanied by the ten classical accordionists and two singers of Het Muziek Lod performing Dick Van der Harst's astonishing adaptation and deconstruction of Henry Purcell's music.
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival wants accordionists from across the region to appear at this year's festival, which runs November 19-28, in a piece called Big Squeeze, Long Stretch which if you think about it, sounds perfect for an accordion player.
But Marzano and his fellow accordionists consider it - and virtually every other piece of music ever written - perfect for their chosen instrument.
The mystery though is just where all these accordionists are coming from.
Organisers hope families will go along and are laying on entertainment including fiddlers, accordionists, face painters and a funfair.
The weekend saw about 200 musicians of all ages converge on the Coquetdale community from Friday night with a ceilidh in the Jubilee Hall before the main events on Saturday saw a Highland pipe band marching through the village and competitions for pipers, accordionists, fiddlers, flautists and dialect poets.
The group has hosted internationally renowned accordionists over the years, including Russian maestro Alexander Korbakov.
I EXPECTED to be deluged by angry accordionists after I used "accordion music" as an example of an oxymoron, which is a phrase that appears to be contradictory.