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an interior door that opens by folding back in sections (rather than by swinging on hinges)


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Investigators believe it was Jacob pushing the elevator call button, opening the swing door and closing it behind him but failing to open the elevator car's accordion door, according to court records.
"We are ready to support you in all your custom accordion door needs.
By relocating the buffet opposite the pool, the space better transitions from day to night: custom-patterned accordion doors stack discreetly away to feature the breakfast spread and expand during lunch and dinner service to create a feature wall.
Established in 1900, Hufcor has grown to offer operable partitions, patented Summit[R] automated vertical lift partitions, moveable glass partitions for optimal acoustic and daylighting capabilities and traditional accordion doors. The FlexTact[R] reconfigurable tactical simunitions systems are used for police and military high liability training.
In the back of the house, there are 24 feet of accordion doors that open to the outside, so whether you're standing outside the front door, inside the great room, or on the patio, you feel like you're standing in the same space.
Also, rolling, coiling doors that disappear into the ceiling or garage-type doors with panels that lift up, as well as folding partitions and accordion doors. These "special door" types make it possible to have a single space with two or more functions.
Accordion doors provide quick sight and sound division, and have a lower cost than operable partitions.
The use of accordion doors in common areas enhances multipurpose use of valuable space.
Products for this type of protection include impact-resistant glass, shutters and panels, and various types of roll-down and accordion doors. Plywood is often used in a pinch but is not a permanent solution.