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According to a Zee News report, the new Accord Hybrid will be assembled locally in India.
According to the report, Honda began to sell the 2011 model year Accords in August.
The packaging industry, one of the top three end markcts for aluminum along with construction and transportation, is expected to show the most promise, according to Davenport.
According to Brzezinski, under the program "every Russian citizen received a voucher that could be traded for shares in various State enterprises....
While the multi-processors main use involves primary demolition--the actual tearing down of a structure--the versatile jaw sets mean it can tackle other tasks as well, including recycling and sizing material, according to Steve Letko, research and development manager for Genesis Attachments LLC, Superior, Wis.
Air China's first-half profit fell 22.5% to CNY458 million ($57.4 million) from the CNY591 million earned in the first six months of 2005, according to press reports.
Even though corporate real estate is a significant asset, productivity variable and high cost for any large organization, most aren't applying the level of rigor, analytics and new approaches that they devote to other strategic functions, and the result is significant missteps, according to new research from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
It was worked out over the course of several months, but the idea was floated around as early as March 2003 according to John Cieslowski, vice-president of PMSC.
Worldwide, about 16 million households use small-scale biogas digesters, according to Renewables 2005: Global Status Report, a study by the Worldwatch Institute.
Managed-care companies such as health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations must select and retain qualified physicians who will provide quality services to their sub scribers, according to Margolis & Co.
Natural rubber prices may keep rising over the rest of 2005 on continued strong demand from tire companies when supply has been limited in most producing countries, according to analysts.
Not every company would be as accommodating, and that's a big mistake, according to Jeff Pepper, president and chief executive officer of Touchtown Inc., a senior software and Web site developer in Oakmont, Pa.
One research project, compiled by the NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education, discovered that teachers must take charge of their own learning to get results in the classroom, according to Robert Ganem, assistant director of programs at NEA.
The slow, plodding recovery in 2004, while nothing to write home about, was at least better than the previous year, when the global forest and paper industry endured stagnant growth and profitability well below targets, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Seventh Annual 2004 Global Forest and Paper Industry Survey.