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an irreversible accomplishment

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Some of them, like Hu Yaobang and his successor Zhao Ziyang, were genuine idealists who felt that the Party's controls must be loosened now that the revolution was an accomplished fact. Zhao actually went to the square at dawn on 19 May and addressed the students, urging them to hold fast to their demands.
In his message on Pakistan's independence, he said: 'Pakistan is now an accomplished fact. We should work for development and progress of this country by keeping strong faith in God and following the principles of Islam.' His work will always remain a source of guidance for all Muslims, particularly Pakistanis.
It is an accomplished fact that many Nigerians, especially parents believe that conflict is normal and deviance is a way of life as evident in the political turbulence and social decadence that the nation is presently faced with.
Thus it is already "fait accompli" or an accomplished fact.
While the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is now an accomplished fact, there are still fairness issues that continue regarding its completion, filling, and operation.
Al Sistani believes that "any attempt to make secession an accomplished fact will lead to undesired consequences affecting Kurdish citizens", his representative Ahmad Al Safi said.
Al-Akhbar's Atef Zidan wrote that Ethiopia was using tricks to put Egypt before an accomplished fact, which would require the latter to try all political and diplomatic means, including considering a military strike, as a last resort.
But exhausted by the 1939-45 conflict and struggling to cope with Zionist guerrilla actions, it was ultimately obliged to accept -- following its endorsement in 1947 by the United Nations -- that the state of Israel was an accomplished fact. The creation of Israel and subsequent Palestine-Israel conflict are legacies of a British imperial episode, which ended not voluntarily but through force of brute circumstance.
Instead of smugly taking its rule over the whole planet as an accomplished fact, the US is obliged to stridently boast of its military machine and deride Russia's military ...
and the EU demonstrate willingness to accept the Russian annexation of the Crimea, regardless of its illegality, as an accomplished fact. In exchange for this recognition, Russia should agree to recognize the independence of Kosovo, help end the civil war in Syria, as well as resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, sign a treaty respecting the Ukraine's remaining boarders, and agree not to support other pro-Russian separatist tendencies within the region.
"Also, we do not pay enough attention to prevention of diseases, and people are presented with an accomplished fact," Bakirov added.
"It's a bad deal but it's an accomplished fact and during the first year we spotted no significant breach from the Iranians," said energy minister Youval Steinitz, who is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
In early August, nearly 70 former senior members of Israel's defence community, myself included, published an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him to accept the nuclear deal as an"accomplished fact." We also called on the Israeli government to renew trust and improve"political and security cooperation" with the United States.
The generally accepted history until now has held that many of the students thought Khomeini approved their plans but that he had actually not been told in advance and only agreed to approve the takeover after it was an accomplished fact.
The Kremlin's annexation of the Crimean peninsula is an accomplished fact and Russian control over the Ukrainian Donbass region will soon be.