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capable of existing or taking place or proving true

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2 -- (BNA)-- The United Nations celebrates on December 3 each and every year the Universal Day for the Disabled aimed to spread awareness on issues of the disabled and their rights, gains accomplishable through assimilation of disabled persons in all aspects of political, societal, economic and cultural life in their communities.
Interns should be provided with real work that is related to their major that is accomplishable and challenging, fills the entire internship period, and is valuable to the organization (Cunningham, 2012).
According to Mary Lou, hobbyists working in their spare time, like she and Joan, prefer to concentrate on small, accomplishable creations they can frame or easily display as handmade art.
Such objectives are accomplishable only if skilled management groups take responsibilities, providing required conditions for economic activities.
With enough of it, anything is accomplishable," Walsh said.
To which extent it is accomplishable to hold the yuan at the present level amid China's rebounding economy and, accordingly, increasing demand for Chinese currency, is the open question.
In our experience, the technical workflow of library preparation and performance of sequencing is accomplishable by individuals with high-complexity molecular testing experience.
A human level AI is defined to be an AI that can successfully accomplish any task at least as well as an average human would (to avoid worrying about robot bodies and such-like, we may restrict the list of tasks to those accomplishable over the internet).
Plan your activities and break them down into "bite-sized" accomplishable pieces.
Once confidence grows, the main resolution to lose weight or save money, for example, will eventually seem accomplishable.
To add to these concerns, the "National Action Plan to Implement the Recommendations of the LLRC" released by the Government of Sri Lanka in July merely sets up further committees and organizational bodies to "consider" the LLRC recommendations, but does not mandate that specific actions be taken on even easily accomplishable recommendations, nor does it set firm timetables of any kind.
However, any tasks assigned shall be those which may be readily accomplishable by the family, based on the family members' educational level, and disabilities, if any.
Structural changes and barrier removal--including installing ramps, railings and grab bars in restroom stalls--must be done where it is "readily achievable'1 and easily accomplishable, without much difficulty or expense to the company.
Accordingly, Rorty's claim that the traditional philosophical aspiration to grasp the nature and good of reality just hasn't "panned out," that "absolutist" philosophy was simply never able to do its job successfully, falls flat if, as Rorty seems to think, this "job" was thought to be accomplishable independent of the moral order of the soul, which is to say, of the rectification of the appetites and will.
KPIs bridge the gap between an organization's mission and vision and its employees' targets, and making organizational goals accomplishable.