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Synonyms for accomplishable

capable of existing or taking place or proving true

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As it can be seen, the proposed methodology represents an efficient and easily accomplishable approach to resolving the problem of searching for optimum RP-UHPLC conditions.
Democracy is not an accomplishable state order--which is precisely the main cosmopolitan prejudice to be dismantled--but rather an interminable practice of the incalculable human many carried out in the form of judgments.
The staff action officer for the LOE is required to determine a feasible/ accomplishable end state as outlined in the operational approach.
The alternative vote is often pitched in the Canadian context as a pragmatic, accomplishable reform that offers both political parties and voters more strategic leverage over political outcomes.
However, he points out that for Ford's religious imagination such redemption is only accomplishable through community, and that since Ethan rejects community his efforts for redemption are doomed to fail.
For some policy elites, such as those from marginalized political parties, fixed election date legislation is an effective and accomplishable step in the right direction towards addressing the democratic deficit (Green Party of Canada 2008; Green Party of Manitoba 2004; Green Party of Saskatchewan 2007).
In the case of software, it is simply a case of installing new software or software update patches; a task often accomplishable within a day and in the majority of cases, with absolutely no physical changes.
The wide range merit of MRI, compared to CT (computed tomography), includes the enhancement of contrast and diffusion, its availability of perfusion, improved functional image for bone marrow positive region accomplishable from MRI spectroscopy, and high resolution for detecting tumors in, for example, soft tissue and liver, in addition to substantial reduction of the risk of radiation exposure to the patient [2-8].
This is not some idealized dream, it is accomplishable by changing the way we approach employee engagement.
2 -- (BNA)-- The United Nations celebrates on December 3 each and every year the Universal Day for the Disabled aimed to spread awareness on issues of the disabled and their rights, gains accomplishable through assimilation of disabled persons in all aspects of political, societal, economic and cultural life in their communities.
Interns should be provided with real work that is related to their major that is accomplishable and challenging, fills the entire internship period, and is valuable to the organization (Cunningham, 2012).
According to Mary Lou, hobbyists working in their spare time, like she and Joan, prefer to concentrate on small, accomplishable creations they can frame or easily display as handmade art.
Such objectives are accomplishable only if skilled management groups take responsibilities, providing required conditions for economic activities.