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Synonyms for accompanying

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Synonyms for accompanying

occurring or existing with

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Synonyms for accompanying

following or accompanying as a consequence

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Accompanying research projects to research programs are additional projects funding agencies decide to fund.
Also, the employee is granted accompanying leave once again at the beginning of each calendar year, an annual leave with pay is considered in the case if the absence exceeds the approved period for the accompanying leave and the employee must have annual leave balance or it is considered as leave without pay, the employee is entitled for the accompanying leave once he completes the probationary period successfully.
The Saudi News Agency reported that member of Saudi Cabinet, Mosa'ed Bin Mohammed al-Aiban, was at hand at King Khalid International Airport receiving Nijaifi and the delegation accompanying him.
Iwinski and the accompanying delegation will meet with Lutfi Cirakoglu, chairman of Turkish-Polish Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group, on October 27.
degree in vocal coaching and accompanying and the M.M.
The vintage black-and-white photographs have been treated so that they appear in 3-D with the aid of the accompanying viewer!
The paper and an accompanying editorial were published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, and they are available free online.
The effect of metabolic acidosis on plasma potassium concentration depends on the accompanying anion.
An accompanying catalogue, with essays by John Welchman, Elisabeth Bronfen, and the curator, as well as a story by Benjamin Weissman, promises to posit McCarthy as the boss--of more than just burgers.--Johanna Burton
Enhanced with an accompanying CD-ROM offering case studies and samples, The Student's Federal Career Guide: 10 Steps To Find And Win Top Government Jobs and Internships shows students just how to utilize networking to discover the availability of federal jobs, how to identify and locate the relevant federal agency; what internships; federal pay scales; researching federal job listings on-line; writing a federal job oriented resume; writing cover letters showcasing knowledge, skills and abilities; the federal job application process; tracking and following-up job applications and interviews; and conducting oneself in the interview process.
Then I shared with him my personal experience of accompanying people on death row and walking with them on their way to execution.
Contractors Accompanying a Force Deployed (DFARS Case 2003-D087)
The result is a quality, award-winning video and accompanying educational website that teach high school students about the impact of indoor air pollution on human health.
The selections are worthwhile and the quality of the accompanying materials is excellent.
Patient A had 74 close contacts, including 25 healthcare workers, 11 relatives, 36 patients who were hospitalized in the same ward, and 2 persons who were accompanying other patients on the same ward.
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