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  • verb

Synonyms for accompany

occur with



Synonyms for accompany

to be with or go with (another)

Synonyms for accompany

be present or associated with an event or entity

go or travel along with

perform an accompaniment to

Related Words

be a companion to somebody

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Johanna Habib, a lawyer with the Arab American Family Support Center in New York, says that she and other lawyers from her organization tried repeatedly to accompany their clients who were being interrogated.
One specific technique, the use of visual displays of text, outlines, or graphics to accompany lectures, is believed to reduce the demand upon students for detailed note-taking and, therefore, facilitate enhanced learning and processing of lecture material (Seaman, 1998).
Contractors did accompany the forces in Desert Storm, and many contractor personnel are currently accompanying our forces in (and around) Bosnia and Kosovo, for example.
Although the exact connections made by the regrowing axons are not yet known, these investigators also reported that the EG accompany the growing fibers.
Sometimes the symptoms accompany a disease such as peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder disease, or gastritis.
In your school or music department are piano majors required to accompany other instrumentalists for their applied lessons?
Private collection photos display the quilts as the are used in rooms, while tips on optional and alternative color combinations, display hangings, and cottage-style decorating accompany lists of fabrics, supplies, and block-by-block construction.
From terrorist strategies to a chronicle of major attacks, illustrations and drawings accompany details on Islam, jihad, and more.
Perhaps the biggest adjustment came from the expectations that accompany playing for the Lakers.
Proposes policy and a contract clause to address situations that require contractor employees to accompany a force engaged in contingency, humanitarian, peacekeeping, or combat operations outside the United States.
Sure, the British-Turkish artist and filmmaker's videos are about identity, but they eschew the flat-footed presentation and yawn-producing platitudes that often accompany work in this vein, as Women Who Wear Wigs, 1999, proved with a vengeance.
The instruments used to accompany dance became his models.