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a person who provides musical accompaniment (usually on a piano)

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These two subtopics deal mostly with how students perceive the support and attention of their teacher and accompanist to their endeavours in the context of individual lessons.
Dr Gower said Mr Stubbs' musical expertise was in great demand, and he had worked regularly as an accompanist and musical director.
11) Mozart himself was often engaged as a free-lance accompanist in Vienna, performing at soirees as soloist and collaborator to the point that he told a friend "I have so much to do that often I do not know whether I am on my head or my heels.
Harris' accompanists included Paul Beaudry on bass, Alan Grubner on violin and Dan Kaufman on keyboard.
Gordon is retiring in June, and a new accompanist is needed to start learning the ropes as soon as possible.
com This excellent and varied collection reveals Nina Pinzarrone's experience as both a concert pianist and ballet accompanist.
OTHER: Piano accompanist, Church of the Nativity, Northboro.
The concert series was devised by Johnson, a renowned accompanist who is also Senior Professor of Accompaniment for the Guildhall, in order to immerse his student accompanists into the music of Benjamin Britten, one of Britain's premier composers, who was equally notable as a pianist and accompanist.
Still, Berberova is clearly playing with more here than initially meets the eye, because while the tricky triad of emotions include jealousy as well as rage, what makes The Accompanist such a captivating read is that the passion play isn't necessarily the "real" story at all.
Most radically of all, Tanya, who used to work as an accompanist in a music college, has decided to train as a nurse.
This is all the more surprising given that the basic ingredients for An Uncertain Hour are really quite wonderful@ in addition to the dancers (Rob Besserer, Gary Chryst, Sabine Kupferberg, and Martine Van Hamel), each of whom has a mesmerizing stage presence, there are two elegant onstage singers and a piano accompanist.
In addition to work with jazz guitar legend Kessel, Jenkins spent 25 years of his career as accompanist to singer/actress Della Reese.
HE'S just 25 years old but Jason Hawkins, the newly-appointed accompanist and organist for Honley Male Voice Choir, has an impressive CV.
Williams is an experienced performer, recording artist, conductor and accompanist .
But for almost everyone else, the performance means another step: rehearsing and interacting with an accompanist.