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someone who performs a service or does a favor


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Accommodator purchased the property more than eight years ago as part of an $873,000 transaction with Alawest-AI LLC of Northport, Alabama, led by Gene Taylor.
Accommodator (AC & CE): This learning style is a combination of two learning modes of abstract conceptualization and Concrete experience.
An Accommodator is a hands-on learner, using a combination of concrete experience and active experimentation.
Identify your preferred style of dealing with conflict--determine whether you a competitor, collaborator, compromiser, avoider, or accommodator, and then challenge yourself to adapt your style to the situation.
When the relinquished property in Parsippany is finally sold in December, 2009 as part of a regular delayed exchange, the net sale proceeds are used to purchase the parked Westchester replacement property held by the accommodator.
1 % of prospective teachers had accommodator learning style.
Therefore it is suggested to have a pre-consent plan, and to have an accommodator to facilitate for the training of students.
Initially, he acted as an able diplomat and accommodator, but since his Munich speech, Putin has begun uniting the West against Russia.
It has been suggested by several writers, (Ross, 1998; Holmes, 2003; Terrell and Dringus, as cited by Holmes), that the Accommodator learning style (as defined by Kolb) is the one that is least served by tutorials.
And the Labour backbencher for Newcastle Central has also been told contracts with two of the major private sectors providers, Rose Lodge and Accommodator, are being wound down and will finish by October 21.
These categories are similar to Kolb's combination of the learning style dimensions of concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation into four respective quadrants: converger, assimilator, accommodator, and diverger.
Congress does not know whether the president is an accommodator who will accept the majority's ideal point, or whether he is a compromiser with whom the majority must negotiate.
However, when it is seen that More portrays Antony as the accommodator of divine truth (and perhaps martyr-to-be) who is, in being so, very worthy and likewise physically unimpressive--lacking worldly resources, lacking high status, at times seemingly foolish, then it can be recognized as well that More deliberately associates his surrogate and therefore himself with Desiderius Erasmus' Sileni.
Kolb's behaviour types of Accommodator and Diverger match closely with the socially oriented constructivist, and the behaviour types Assimilator and Converger link closely with the cognitive-oriented constructivist (Kolb, 1984).
5 million to an exchange accommodator, an independent firm that will hold the cash until Arlie settles on the properties it wants to buy in order to qualify for 1031 exchanges.