accommodation ladder

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(nautical) a portable ladder hung over the side of a vessel to give access to small boats alongside

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Tenders are invited for Accommodation ladder with winch for survey vessels large (svl).x0d ships (yard no.3025-28).
We eventually used the accommodation ladder to bring the fishermen aboard the USS Ponce."
Limited Tenders are invited for Accommodation ladder anchor windless capstan spares
Tender notice number : SWARNA KAMAL / ACCOMMODATION LADDER / S161344
Work will include opening, cleaning and purging gas from tanks, voids and cofferdams; repairing and replacing various sections of weather deck handrails on the forward main mast, replenishment-at-sea and fueling-at-sea kingposts and access ladders; modifying the main reduction gear lube oil purifier; inspecting the auxiliary boiler; inspecting and weight testing the accommodation ladder; performing maintenance on gallery/scullery equipment; dry-docking and undocking; refurbishing sea valves; cleaning and painting the underwater hull; and blasting and coating tanks.