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The little fat one laughed accommodatingly" "I've got a weak stomach.
While perhaps not quite so subdued as some people would like, the 85bhp, 875cc, two cylinder TwinAir petrol engine delivered some quality driving time picking up with ease from low revs to deliver a hugely accommodating overall power spread, while, paired with a slick-shifting accommodatingly positioned five-speed manual gearshift, driving proved a joy.
Shared space is a design approach that seeks to change the way streets operate by reducing the dominance of motor vehicles, primarily through lower speeds and encouraging drivers to behave more accommodatingly towards pedestrians.
Luggage room, too, is accommodatingly agreeable, some 480 litres being available, while adding optional split-folding rear seats can add further to cabin room which, overall, is much greater than before.
A segment set inside a Madrid nightclub, whose owner (Oscar Jaenada) accommodatingly lends his security team to help Lucia and Will set a trap for one of their adversaries, at least feels authentically southern European.
And the ethos of integrated schools was accommodatingly Christian.
Johnson is more accommodatingly cautious about the requirement on length (the sequence, after all, has as much right to be considered as a poem as each of its constituent sonnets and songs), and provides a circumspect, insightful and complexly nuanced categorisation of lyric, one which reaffirms the connection with music:
But then she paused and accommodatingly turned and bounced toward us, stopping broadside at 15 yards when she noticed the two oddly-shaped lumps j backed up against an old ash tree.
Sheikhs with great wasta (power and influence) should be received the way that you would receive your brigade commander: accommodatingly, with respect and sincerity.
Accommodatingly, the law provided for explicit and harsh compliance measures for those who did not abide by the work requirements even though states were given leeway to exempt hardship cases.
Then the crowd stood back accommodatingly, while a photographer, standing there in the bright sunshine, took pictures of the chained Negroes.
Then, too, he is accompanied quite accommodatingly by maestro Riccardo Chailly, and he's supported by one of the oldest and most refined orchestras in the world, the Leipzig Gewandhaus.
(125) This statute, combined with state case law, demonstrates that Maryland law has responded accommodatingly to free speech concerns on private property.
If Mozart as pianist plays any role, it's not that of the social rebel kept in check by society around him but that of the fantastic storyteller, drawn back to reality gently and accommodatingly by his comrades.
But, while the cabin caters accommodatingly as a people carrier, boot room is a little limited unless you take advantage of the flexibility of the 60:40 rear seats which slide fore and aft, recline, or can even be taken out completely, to discover a quite compatible passenger: cargo ratio.
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