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Synonyms for accommodating

Synonyms for accommodating

ready to do favors for another

Synonyms for accommodating

helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation


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By accommodating tenants' distinctive space needs or other requests, an owner can avoid tenant relocations and instead strike lease expansions and long term renewals on a continual basis.
The premise of computer assistive technology relies on processes of accommodating an individual with an alternative keyboard, mouse, or other input device that is similar to the general input components of a computer.
1) Chef Joel Weinberger: ``The university was very accommodating in terms of setting up the kitchen.
See, Zeitlin, " A Test of Faith: Accommodating Religious Employees: Work-Related Misconduct in the United States and Canada," 15 Com.
The three picks for 'Best of' included posters "Reading Speed with Synchrony Dual Optic Accommodating IOL", "Comparative Study of Reading Performance under Different Lighting Conditions between Accommodating and Multifocal IOLs" and "Long-term Functional Performance after Synchrony Dual Optic Accommodating IOL Implantation.
The 100,000 s/f complex encompasses a maintenance hangar capable of accommodating three A320 aircraft and a two-story office facility that accommodates more than 250 airline employees.
As much as schools want to be gender sensitive and accommodating, right now many are Limited by a shortage of dorms and a tack of funds to build more.
Other issues the candidates have brought to the table have centered on curriculum, technology, class-size reduction, teachers training and accommodating growth.
Expansion of Trial Will Allow Researchers to Further Validate Safety and Effectiveness of the Investigational Synchrony[R] Dual Optic Accommodating IntraocularLens
The four presentations involving Visiogen included: "Visual Function in Daily Tasks: A Comparative Study Between Multifocal and Dual Optic Accommodating IOLs," by Ivan Ossma, M.
Presentations included: "Reading Speed with Synchrony Dual optic Accommodating IOL," and "Accommodative Amplitude and Synchrony Dual optic IOL," by Victor Bohorquez, M.
of Irvine today announced that it has received approval in Europe for its dual-optic accommodating intraocular lens (AIOL).