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Synonyms for accommodating

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Synonyms for accommodating

ready to do favors for another

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Synonyms for accommodating

helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation


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meters accommodating 707,00 worshippers but at the peak time as many as a million worshippers could be in the mosque at one time.
Tenant retention is a top priority at Merritt 7 and we are committed to accommodating each specific requirement.
Within the park an old kitchen acts as a makeshift 50-person conference centre with 15 bedrooms housed under the same roof accommodating two people per room.
To effect these transactions, shelter promoters in the for-profit sector are moving over to tax-exempt organizations to serve as "accommodating parties." Tax shelters require both taxpayers looking for a benefit and, as a minimum, one accommodating party that will act along with the taxpayer to structure a transaction to meet certain criteria.
The increased general education teachers' competency in accommodating ELLs will result in enhancing academic performance for ELLs, which is a desirable outcome for all concerned.
Still, recruiting and accommodating faculty and staff members with disabilities has its challenges, the most obvious one being money.
Accommodating Employees and Job Applicants with Psychiatric Disabilities In the Workplace
"There is a preference for accommodating mainstream religions as opposed to non-mainstream religions," Goldberger said.
Takasaki says Admirals Club staff is accustomed to keeping busy passengers happy--and travelers find the workers accommodating, pleasant and efficient.
The floor pan is new (accommodating the deep well necessary to accommodate the fold-into-floor third row seat).
In, response to an article we published in our October 2002 issue ("Accommodating the Bariatric Resident" by Gary Lipperman and Gil Preira, page 82), Barbara Landy, administrator of the Edward J.