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Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope


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Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

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As the old man was speaking, he raised his heavy rifle to his shoulder, with a facility a little remarkable for his years and appearance, and without further words led the way over the acclivity to the adjacent bottom.
The young Mohican gave a shout of triumph, and followed by Duncan, he glided up the acclivity they had descended to the combat, and sought the friendly shelter of the rocks and shrubs.
The highway now swerved inland from the river, and rose to a steep acclivity, at the brow of which he turned and looked back.
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Onions who defined it as "a way beaten or trodden by the feet of men or beasts," to Joseph Wright's "a steep and narrow way, a footpath on an acclivity; a wooded glen," to Walter Skeat who believed it to be connected to the Latin batuere--to beat "the thing/place beaten down" by the feet, especially of those who might be hastening along it.
Tenants include: Western International University, Regenesis Biomedical, Acclivity Healthcare, Nextiva and Keller Williams Realty.
While the previous owners banned summer biking on the mountain and discouraged hiking, visitors to the mountain in summer these days are greeted by a mountain-bike trail system and a new hiking trail up the north face with 23 switchbacks from the tram to the mountain station to take some of the acclivity out of the trip.
Next, the palatal acclivity of the JIG was ground carefully until this first occlusal contact was obtained.
On the northern edge, less than 100 yards away, was a shallow erosion ditch, then a gentle acclivity with broken ground.
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