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Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope


Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

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From the edge of the wood leading up the acclivity are the tracks of horses and wheels - the wheels of cannon.
One person with whom I conversed had himself heard the noise: he described it as very surprising; and he distinctly stated that, although he could not understand how it was caused, yet it was necessary to set the sand rolling down the acclivity.
To this end I left the more frequented regions, the wooded valleys, the corn-fields, and the meadow-lands, and proceeded to mount the steep acclivity of Wildfell, the wildest and the loftiest eminence in our neighbourhood, where, as you ascend, the hedges, as well as the trees, become scanty and stunted, the former, at length, giving place to rough stone fences, partly greened over with ivy and moss, the latter to larches and Scotch fir-trees, or isolated blackthorns.
Ashamed to hesitate, now that the truth was no longer doubtful, the leader of the party resumed his journey, using the precaution, as he ascended the slight acclivity, to release his own rifle from the strap, and to cast it into a situation more convenient for sudden use.
As the old man was speaking, he raised his heavy rifle to his shoulder, with a facility a little remarkable for his years and appearance, and without further words led the way over the acclivity to the adjacent bottom.
Tenants include: Western International University, Regenesis Biomedical, Acclivity Healthcare, Nextiva and Keller Williams Realty.
While the previous owners banned summer biking on the mountain and discouraged hiking, visitors to the mountain in summer these days are greeted by a mountain-bike trail system and a new hiking trail up the north face with 23 switchbacks from the tram to the mountain station to take some of the acclivity out of the trip.
It will serve spring training patrons, Devco office tenants, such as Fender, One Neck IT, Acclivity Healthcare, and many others.
On the northern edge, less than 100 yards away, was a shallow erosion ditch, then a gentle acclivity with broken ground.
You sit low in the cabin, while the C6 smoothes out every pimple and acclivity in the contours.
Turning to words, one needs a hyphen to show 5 different, as in MILD-CURED (in the OED), while 5 making a number occur in ACCLIVITY (CCLIV = 254).
Thinking the vision he sees is a fairy-land, the narrator rejects his neighbor's belief that "it was some old barn-an abandoned one, its broadside beaten in, the acclivity its background" (5).
FirstEdge was designed to be simple, quick to set up and flexible for small businesses with less complex needs," says Acclivity Managing Partner Scott Davisson.
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