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Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope


Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

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As the old man was speaking, he raised his heavy rifle to his shoulder, with a facility a little remarkable for his years and appearance, and without further words led the way over the acclivity to the adjacent bottom.
The highway now swerved inland from the river, and rose to a steep acclivity, at the brow of which he turned and looked back.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 5, 2018-Priority Software Acquires US-based Acclivity, Expanding Small Business Offering
Tenants include: Western International University, Regenesis Biomedical, Acclivity Healthcare, Nextiva and Keller Williams Realty.
While the previous owners banned summer biking on the mountain and discouraged hiking, visitors to the mountain in summer these days are greeted by a mountain-bike trail system and a new hiking trail up the north face with 23 switchbacks from the tram to the mountain station to take some of the acclivity out of the trip.
Next, the palatal acclivity of the JIG was ground carefully until this first occlusal contact was obtained.
On the northern edge, less than 100 yards away, was a shallow erosion ditch, then a gentle acclivity with broken ground.
Also, it came to light while discussing with the forest officials that the process of revering back from aquaculture to agrarian system was taking deep root in 2005, when the Minister for Agriculture along with other stakeholders such as Revenue, Irrigation and Forest Department started the talk in October, 2005 to overcome the present situation and to facilitate the process for acclivity in paddy crop.
You sit low in the cabin, while the C6 smoothes out every pimple and acclivity in the contours.
Turning to words, one needs a hyphen to show 5 different, as in MILD-CURED (in the OED), while 5 making a number occur in ACCLIVITY (CCLIV = 254).
Thinking the vision he sees is a fairy-land, the narrator rejects his neighbor's belief that "it was some old barn-an abandoned one, its broadside beaten in, the acclivity its background" (5).
When I begin to climb this strange acclivity I find my stick a very lively leg, but as I mount it falters and goes lame; and before I reach the top I think I should almost be better without it.
Delcivity--A descending slope, as opposed to an acclivity, an ascending slope.
FirstEdge was designed to be simple, quick to set up and flexible for small businesses with less complex needs," says Acclivity Managing Partner Scott Davisson.