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Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope


Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

References in classic literature ?
Here and there, towers were perched high up on acclivities which seemed almost inaccessible.
For a supercar it rides disarmingly well, absorbing most potholes and acclivities with surprising aplomb.
Palamau is a Maoist-infested area, with the rebels hampering human and wildlife acclivities.
The houses are scattered in the deep valley, and on the acclivities of the hills, without any regard to arrangement, or the formation of streets.
Were all the rocky crests and rugged acclivities of our country bounteously wooded once more, and kept so for a generation, our floods would be less injurious, our springs unfailing, and our streams more constant and equable; our blasts would be less bitter and our gales less destructive to fruit, we should have vastly more birds to delight us with their melody, and aid us with our not very successful war against devouring insects; we should grow peaches, cherries, and other delicate fruits which the violent caprices of our season and the remorseless devastation of our visible and insect enemies have all but annihilated; and we should keep more cows and make more milk on two-thirds of the land now devoted to grass than we actually do from the whole of it.