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Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope


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Synonyms for acclivity

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

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He also warned the public to be cautious about flash floods and to avoid acclivities in mountainous areas, streams and beaches.
Cankli's acclivities angered the Portuguese and in 1560, they made determined effort to seize Jaffna.
Much research acclivities [18, 21] was devoted to analyze distributed programs.
For a supercar it rides disarmingly well, absorbing most potholes and acclivities with surprising aplomb.
Several nations pledged million of dollars as contributions to flood relief funds and promised to dole out funds toward reconstruction acclivities. United States of America that is leading war against militants in Afghanistan and tribal belts in Pakistan is also looking after the flood relief activities closely in rural locations of the country since a gap left by the US in flood reliefs means soft corners anti-American forces would carve out in the hearts and minds of people.