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Synonyms for acclimatization

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Synonyms for acclimatization

adjustment to a changing environment

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Synonyms for acclimatization

adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)

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In the case of acclimatization by nebulization, a substrate is desired that will rapidly drain excess water, i.e., with a high air filled porosity (AFP) (CALVETE et al., 2000).
Estimated WBGTeff and Heat Index did not differ significantly across categories of workload or acclimatization status (Table 2).
(60) Although the parent-focused Mozes framework considers acclimatization of the child as well as parental intent, the Mozes framework sets a high bar for acclimatization to trump parental intent.
We consider HVR to be one useful index for evaluating performance, recovery, and conditioning under hypoxia, as well as for ventilatory acclimatization. We recently reported that HVR levels reflected the quality of sleep under hypoxia (15).
For brevity, we refer to apparent differences in susceptibility to the effects of heat or cold among UHI-anomaly decile groups as evidence for or against local acclimatization to the UHI effect.
In different years, Bodunovskaya [1], Tulebayev [2], Alimzhanova and Bostanova [3], and others studied acclimatization of cattle stock of various breeds in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Another acclimatization study involved two experiments using basketball free-throws and dart throwing.
Morphophysiological changes caused by in vitro culture, by light and due to hydric and osmotic stresses are the most important factors limiting plant acclimatization under field conditions, as they stimulate the oxidative metabolism by increasing the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), especially the superoxide radicals ([O.sub.2.sup.*-]), hydrogen peroxide ([H.sub.2][O.sub.2]) and hydroxyl radicals (OH*) (Batkova et al., 2008; Varshney and Anis, 2012).
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The wide range of individuals suffering from AMS depends on many factors relevant in acclimatization process: ascent profile, rate of increasing sleeping elevation, personal sensitivity to hypoxic condition at altitude, previous episodes of mountain sickness, nourishment and hydration status.
After acclimatization, plants were planted into containers with nutritive soil mixture Azalea[R] and grown in a greenhouse.
The influence of acclimatization treatments such as growth substrates, initial plantlet morphology (prior to acclimatization) and regeneration pathways on growth performance of the plantlets following field transfer was also elucidated.
They suggest that aerobic capacity at high altitude is related to both genetic factors and developmental acclimatization. However, its expression is highly mediated by environmental factors, such as occupational activity level and body composition.