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  • verb

Synonyms for acclimatize

adapt to


  • adapt to
  • get used to
  • adjust to
  • habituate to
  • naturalize to
  • become seasoned to

Synonyms for acclimatize

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Synonyms for acclimatize

get used to a certain climate

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They arrived at their Tibetan base camp - which stands at 17,000ft - 11 days ago and spent the time acclimatising to the change in atmosphere.
ARSENAL striker Thierry Henry has revealed how his team-mates adopted a ``cruel to be kind'' approach to acclimatising him to English football - by kicking him in training.
Defending Charles Weidner said: "Since coming out of prison he has found certain difficulties acclimatising to ordinary life.
Claudine Keane, 25, wife of Robbie, wasted no time acclimatising after his pounds 20million transfer to Liverpool with a trip to Coleen McLoughlin and Alex Curran's favourite shop.
Others are acclimatising in cages over several days.
Harrison, younger brother of Glamorgan seamer David, is part of the squad who will spend six days in Malaysia acclimatising before departing for Dhaka.
And on top of that there's bound to be a bit of acclimatising to life on the ocean waves.
Burke has been in the northern Port for the past three days acclimatising and goes head-to-head withZoff at tonight's weigh-in.
acclimatising when arriving in Newmarket, he might still be market leader.