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  • verb

Synonyms for acclimatize

adapt to


  • adapt to
  • get used to
  • adjust to
  • habituate to
  • naturalize to
  • become seasoned to

Synonyms for acclimatize

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Synonyms for acclimatize

get used to a certain climate

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The British naturalist and acclimatiser Francis Buckland explicitly drew on Wilson and the Ashworth brothers to justify fish acclimatisation in his first speech on acclimatisation.
Studies of acclimatisation in Victoria have picked up on these motifs, arguing that acclimatisers wanted to transform Australia into a New Britain because native wildlife lacked the cultural resonance to create a stable cultural landscape.
Ian Tyrrell wrote that the American conservationist George Perkins Marsh influenced acclimatisers in Australia, with particular reference to conserving forests.
European aquaculture gave Australian acclimatisers practical knowledge, the ideological inspiration to 'farm the waters', a warning about the consequences of unregulated fisheries and a network of support to supply ova, apparatus and personnel.
When writing about the possibility of acclimatising salmon in the Yarra, Acclimatisation Society Fisheries Committee member, and Edward Wilson's successor as editor of the Argus, Henry Watts, argued 'The Australian grayling is almost identical with the English fish in character, in habits and in the manner of capture'; he further saw that the wide distribution of grayling in Victorian rivers 'is interesting to our acclimatisers as indicating the fitness of our rivers to receive other members of the salmon family.